The internet, as we know it, is an open sea of entertaining and informative content! Unfortunately, this has made it very difficult for newcomers to create a place for themselves amidst this competitive environment. Fortunately, an effective SEO strategy is the only thing that can help newbies get some recognition and appreciation for their hard work.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is something we are all familiar with, or else we would not have been here. Therefore, instead of complicating things with definitions, let’s just cut to the chase! It is no secret that we all want more and more organic traffic to our websites, and when it comes to WordPress, SEO plays a vital role.

We understand that even the thought of optimizing WordPress SEO can be very overwhelming for beginners. Therefore, under the guidance from SEO experts such as Brainvire, here are a few tips and tricks to generate more organic traffic into a WordPress website by enhancing the WordPress SEO efforts.

SEO Tricks to help You with Your SEO Rankings!

  • Be wise while choosing the hosting provider: People often undermine the importance of selecting the right hosting provider. This negligence can have an adverse effect on the website’s performance as a good host can help a website rank top on the SERPs. It is always best to go for a host that is reliable and has a good reputation for excellent performance.
  • Pick out a WordPress theme optimized for SEO: This is one of the most common mistakes that people make. People barely consider SEO as a priority, while choosing the WordPress theme, as they prefer to have a website with interactive visuals and designs. Nevertheless, choosing an SEO-friendly WordPress theme is crucial for the website to be a successful one. Even Brainvire’s free SEO experts recommend the same.
  • Leverage trustworthy SEO plugins: SEO plugins have gained a lot of popularity as more and more people realize the value of increasing the ranking of their websites. Installing a dedicated SEO plugin can be very helpful in facilitating better management of all the aspects associated with SEO. These SEO plugins can provide various targeted features such as developing a site map, enhanced optimization, and more.
  • Launch a Sitemap: A sitemap is nothing but a simple list of all the contents available on the website. The fundamental function of a sitemap is to pass on information to search engine bots known as crawlers. Even though sitemap has no direct relationship with the website’s rank, it still enables the crawlers to view the information on the website. This makes it easier for the crawlers to index the website and bring up the relevant content in user searches.
  • Take advantage of the Google Search Console: This is a handy tool as it helps users get into Google’s shoes and take a look at the website from Google’s eyes. Google Search Console provides users with critical data and information on things that they need to know. Things like the website’s appearance on the search engine, the number of clicks on the website, essential phrases and keywords can all be accessed through the tool. This information is beneficial as it enables users to find the gaps in their work and take action to fill those gaps.
  • Make proper use of internal and external links: Search engines determine the ranking of a website by evaluating its relevance and connections with other websites. Therefore, it is imperative to incorporate as many links as possible in pages and posts. This helps the crawlers determine the relation between similar content and encourages other people to link back to the website. However, make sure not to cram the website with too many links and use a good strategy to incorporate the links.
  • Publish as many long-form articles as possible: Length of posts plays a crucial role in the determination of the ranking of the website. This is mainly because search engines consider longer posts to be more helpful and not just that longer content enables better communication of topics to crawlers through heading, keywords, links, and more.


SEO is an ocean of strategies and techniques, making it very difficult to wrap our heads around each of them. Therefore, it is always possible to miss out on a few strategies and tips here and there. However, these tips mentioned above can be very useful in enhancing the ranking of any WordPress website. If all these seem a little too overwhelming and complicated, one can always opt for Brainvire for SEO services as they are a leader in the industry.


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