What are SMS?


SMS is short for Short Message Service and is generally 160 character text messages sent between mobile phones. SMS uses a unique network that alerts the recipient as soon as the message arrives. SMS is a very fast and personal communication method on par with a phone call in the perception of trust.


What is SMS marketing?


SMS marketing is the practice of creating lists of mobile numbers instead of sending SMS advertising messages to those lists. Lists can be created in many ways, but there are compliance rules set by the ACMA for how people consent to being included on their lists. Unsolicited commercial messages sent to a person are called spam and are illegal under the Australian Spam Act 2003. Mobile marketers often use an online SMS system to manage the SMS sending process. These bulk SMS systems vary in price and functionality. The best SMS marketing platforms have a good mix of cheap SMS and web SMS features. Make sure you only deal with a reputable SMS gateway, as delivery reliability can vary greatly.


Get permission to send SMS


The idea behind consent is that the recipient should want to receive the message from her and find it useful when they do. There are two types of consent.


  1. Express consent


A subscription checkbox on a web subscription form. This check box should not be checked by default, the person completing the form should voluntarily select the check box to indicate that she wants to hear from you.

If someone completes an offline form such as a survey or participates in a contest, she can only contact them if it was explained to her that they would be contacted by email AND if she checked a box indicating that she would like to be contacted.

Customers who have bought from you in the last 2 years.

If someone gives you their business card and you have explained that she will be in contact, she can contact you. If they dropped their business card in a fish tank at a trade show, there should be a sign stating that they will be contacted by SMS.

The recipient should be aware that she may receive commercial messages in the future. You cannot send an electronic message to request consent: this is in itself a commercial message, because it seeks to establish a commercial relationship. Keep a record of consent, you may need to prove it later.


  1. Inferred consent


Through an existing business relationship. If an organization has a strong relationship with the owner of the number, such as a club member or subscriber to the service who receives messages, it may be implied.

Through the notorious publication of a work-related issue.

Consent may also be implicit in the publication of issues on websites, magazines or other publications. The recipient must identify themselves as relevant to your message. For example, if you want to send information about a technology product, the recipient must identify themselves as the IT manager. If there is a statement that unsolicited commercial messages are not desired, consent cannot be inferred.


Building lists?


Building a mobile marketing list should be done carefully and with good intentions. Since mobile phone numbers and SMS are a very personal way of communicating, people don’t want to receive time-wasting and irrelevant messages from you. By choosing people correctly and only sending them relevant and useful messages, they will stay on your list.


Technically, there are 3 ways to add numbers to your list.


By a website for with an SMS opt-in checkbox

With an SMS to a dedicated reply number or short code

By hand


SMS Marketing – Promoting Your Brand Was Never So Easy!

In this article, we would be reading about the meaning, benefits and functionality of the SMS marketing principle, as well as taking a look at some of the common terms used in this segment such as SMS service, SMS marketing solutions, solutions delivery of SMS, SMS. VoIP gateways and switches.


There is no doubt that the mobile population around the world has outnumbered the Internet population. Companies, small or large, that previously promoted their products and services on the Internet, are now moving towards this new concept. This is because SMS marketing strategies provide better solutions than internet marketing as they can easily reach a wider audience. A mobile is considered to be the most personal form of marketing that a marketer can find and use.


In order to extract the optimal benefits from SMS marketing or mobile marketing, a marketer must follow a long-term strategy. These marketing techniques are best used when a brand is mobilized based on the predefined requirements and goals of the business in question, in addition to content aggregation and distribution. Streaming these services to the right type of audience at the right time is also required. In this sense, optimization can be done in context with the end-user experience through an unmatched understanding of the behavior of all potential mobile phone owners.


SMS Campaign service providers use techniques such as SMS service, SMS marketing solutions, SMS delivery solutions, SMS gateways, and VoIP switches to create a database and act as a personalized and interactive marketing medium. In this sense, SMS gateways can be seamlessly integrated into an existing messaging system and / or application in a fraction of a second. The biggest benefit of these gateways is that the integrators and developers behind the SMS delivery solutions can have full access to a secure, reliable, and high-capacity SMS messaging platform. After that, developers can use the generic protocols to create and deploy mobile data applications through numerous APIs (application programming interfaces).


The APIs are connected to a provider’s central messaging platform which then offers an efficient, easy and flexible mode of integration with the goal of automatically generating SMS text messages for delivery to the mobile phone numbers of the intended recipients. SMS Marketing Solutions / SMS Delivery Solutions can include Automated Text SMS, Language SMS, WAP Push SMS, Ringtones, Picture Messages, and Flash SMS. VoIP switches help define a unique sender identification as well as create and manage subaccounts with administrative rights. SMS gateways can be easily accessed by sending values ​​to the HTTP API server using the POST or GET method.


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