You can make a wonderful gesture for your guests by sending a beautiful save-the-date card if you’re planning a wedding, either for yourself or for someone else. The most elegant way to tell your guests about your upcoming nuptials, an elegant date card has many advantages over an email or text. 

Make your guests aware of your upcoming wedding date by sending them these free save the date templates.

You are not sacrificing either style or quality by using these free save the dates. The designs on these sites are very impressive and created by some of the top designers online. Your wedding budget will be saved in this way without anyone realizing it.

Before sending off your save the date invitations, these free templates will walk you through what information to include. Besides the names of the bride and groom, all save the date cards include the date of the wedding. A personal message to your guests may also be included along with the date, city, and state of the wedding.

1. Create a Rustic Look

These rustic save the date calendar card templates are a great choice if you’re planning an event in the country with a more casual style. The photograph’s style is informal, with tactile brown paper and a casual script typeface. 

2. Choose an Art Deco Design

When it comes to vintage-inspired design, an Art Deco style is the perfect choice without appearing overly ‘hipster’. Known for its geometric graphics and metallic finishes, Art Deco is a timeless style.

It is a versatile choice that adds a touch of elegance to any invitation design, whether it is for a city or country wedding. You might want to consider an Art Deco design if you don’t like images or illustrations on your save-the-date cards.

3. Post a Postcard

There are hidden costs to wedding invitations, and weddings can be expensive. The last thing you want is to overspend on stationery after you lease a venue, purchase a dress, and provide catering for guests. 

In spite of the fact that you might want to save a few more pennies for the invitation itself, you can keep the cost of your Save the Date cards low by not only minimizing their size but also by eliminating the envelopes. 

4. Take Your Time to Make It Special

A true-to-vintage style is an ideal choice for Save the Date cards if your wedding will have a vintage theme or take place somewhere historic. Moreover, these are timeless in style and will last for decades to come-it’s a great option if you want to keep your Save the Date cards forever.

We’ll examine some examples of save-the-dates for weddings to see what that looks like. Muted colors are combined with punchy antique-inspired typefaces to create a style that would have fit right in a nineteenth-century home. 

5. Typography As a Focal Point

You don’t have to include illustrations or photos with simple typography. It’s sometimes better to keep things simple. Whether it is image-based or typographic, a Save the Date design can have the same impact.

Consider playing with the proportion of your type if you’re going for a typographic style. The wedding date is an excellent opportunity to make the numbers stand out big and bold by blowing up beautiful serif characters. Plus, you won’t have to worry about your guests forgetting the date!

6. Images With Bold Colors & Black & White 

A black-and-white photograph always looks more elegant, formal, and classical than one that is done in color. For a more contemporary feel, add a generous dose of color across types, borders, and/or backgrounds to help frame the image and lift it into the realm of sophistication.

It’s hard not to fall in love with this colorful Save the Date graphic template. The black and white photo works as a beautiful backdrop to the more punchy type and border. 

7. Create a Card With Illustrations

It can be very romantic and special to send illustrated Save the Date cards. If the illustrations look simple, graphic, and have a vintage flair, their style is sure to remain timeless. 

By using muted colors, clean shapes, and flat styles, vector illustrations achieve the ideal balance between tradition and modernity –just make sure the artwork doesn’t look too 3D or digitally generated.

8. Create Modern Floral Arrangements

Flowers designed in the modern style can look traditional as well as stylish. The flower design does not have to look dated. Script fonts combine well with floral illustrations without looking dated. Keep the palette simple with monochrome and metallic colors.

9. Utilize Colour Combinations That Aren’t Conventional

Save the Date cards can sometimes look a bit tacky. The most difficult part of creating your cards can be getting the colors right. 

It might be better to stay away from the traditional colors of pink, peach, and baby blue and instead choose something that will catch your eyes. The colors orange and emerald green look stunning when paired with white. In addition, deep midnight blue looks incredible when paired with copper and silver metallics.

10. Bring Modernity to Your Style With Grids 

If vintage is not your thing, or you’re tired of florals, let’s talk. When choosing wedding stationery, many people feel stressed, especially if they feel that they must compromise their own taste just so that their mother-in-law is pleased.

A Save the Date that’s contemporary in style might be right for you if your wedding has no ribbons. Stationery styles that are clean, minimalist, and simple are enjoying a moment in the sun and can be adapted to fit almost any wedding ceremony.

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