In the past five years, downloading YouTube videos has gotten easier. There are several services at your disposal that allow you to download movies in any resolution you choose with one touch. To save us the hassle, there are some iPhone apps that can convert YouTube videos to MP3 right on the phone.

In the next part, we have listed some YouTube to MP3 iPhone converter apps that can help you convert YouTube to MP3 easily and quickly. Let’s have a look.

Application permissions to install third-party applications

First, for security reasons, iPhone doesn’t allow you to run apps that aren’t installed by default from the App Store. For security reasons, you must first enable the permission to run third-party applications:

Step 1. Go to Settings> General> Find Profiles> Now find the Untrusted Applications section and click on it.

Step 2. Find the application you want to install and click “Trust Application Name”> Confirm your choice by clicking the words “Test Application”.

# 1. YouTube ++

YouTube ++ is going to be the graceful YouTube to MP3 converter you’ll find for iPhone. With the YouTube ++ app, you can convert any YouTube video to MP3 with one touch. It’s inspired by the version that was originally available on Android. You might be interested in its functions:

An audio player that can play almost all formats except those downloaded from YouTube

Convert downloaded videos to various formats and audio.

Only stream background audio with the player without downloading videos. This will help you save on data bills.


The user interface is identical to the official application; Easy to use.

Turn on the background sound if you don’t want to take up space on your iPhone.

Use it like a normal YouTube client and enjoy its advanced features.


Client updates are inconsistent.

# 2. Video Downloader Pro

is a modified web browser that allows you to download movies, audio files, phones, and other items from any site on the Internet. Some of its functions:

Fully built-in viewer to browse YouTube videos before converting and downloading to MP3.

Password protected storage for downloaded files.

Share the file and upload it to your offline iTunes library.


No advertising.

Automatically scan YouTube to download files.

Simple interface.


Not enough instructions to get started

# 3. Application shortcut

is one of the fairly simple utility apps on iOS that you can use to create shortcuts to certain actions. Some great features of the Shortcut app you might be interested in:

Instantly convert downloaded YouTube videos to audio.

There are two audio formats available – M4A and AAF.

One-touch conversion after initial setup.


Batch to audio conversion.

The fastest way to convert videos to MP3.

Dedicated download manager.


Moderately complex one-time facility

The bottom line

There are several YouTube video to Youtube to MP4 Converter available for iPhone. It is recommended that you use a reliable application for this. Beware of fake apps that ask you to enter YouTube credentials without sharing the tool.


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