Professional staging goes far beyond refurbishment, and IVPM can help visually transform your rental property to maximize profits by creating a custom look – without spending a fortune on it.

Setting up a vacation rental property is the best way to make sure your rent stands out from the rest! Our design skills can turn your vacation rental into a more enjoyable and attractive property so you get more bookings and increased ROI. We at IVPM know that holiday rentals are unique when it comes to interior design and interior design. We understand that holiday rentals suffer from wear and tear and that smart owners make price-oriented purchases to ensure that the property always looks good and appeals to potential tenants.

Here is an example of Castillito del Caribe, an IVPM property that was launched immediately after the acquisition. Sellers had listed it for more than a year without bids. It was difficult to rent, even though it is in the high quality downtown, by the sea. The interior was scattered, with white walls with very little on them, which made the drawing pictures unattractive. It had an elevated, virtually useless pool (4’x 6 ‘x 18 “deep) which was really risky. The new Baja shelf pool was an important improvement that was expected. It only took 5 weeks to show the old and $ 15K USD

Wage costs for painting the whole house inside (11.5 ‘ceiling) and outside? Less than $ 1000 USD. The new owners did not hesitate to invest in professional, high-quality pictures to show the vibrant new colors of the home to create an attractive rental listing. Photos are very important in your listing! Note: these are the SAME purple chairs and red sofas on before and after the pictures! Also, the wood-carved mermaid was hung randomly near the ceiling on the dining room wall. This is a magical work, it was moved to the left of the Chichen Itza temple mural and now looks awesome! We can work with the works you already have.

Now this same holiday rental is a Premium Isla Mujeres listing, with the highest rental price, with an impressive utilization rate. Owners continue to improve and expand the property to maximize their profitability.

After “STANDING” your vacation rental, we help you update your listing to increase your rental income by making it look good with sharp, high-quality professional photos. Your listing photos MUST capture the attention of potential visitors quickly, otherwise they will soon move to another property!

We are a family business that knows your reputation is all in the service sector! We adhere to the strictest requirements by treating our valuable customers the way we want to be treated. We are real estate investors ourselves and understand sophisticated clients with high expectations for their assets and know how to serve them.


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