University students need to know how to prepare a thesis to complete their academic undergraduate and graduate education. Thesis writing, which requires great effort on its own, write my essay poses a serious problem for many students. Below are the questions most frequently asked by students who come to the writing stage.


Thesis preparation

  • Where can I find graduate samples?
  • What should be the plagiarism rate?

Writing a thesis is not as difficult as it seems. The main reasons for students’ difficulties are that they will have such an experience for the first time and they do not know where to start. Just because they’re writing for the first time doesn’t mean it’s hard if you know what to do.

Common points in preparing undergraduate and graduate thesis

  • Subject selection
  • literature review
  • Preparing proposal
  • Writing stages
  • Arrange by university format
  • Plagiarism rate below 20%

Differences between Master’s and Undergraduate Thesis

  • The subject of the master’s thesis is a little more specific.
  • Page numbers are different.
  • Institute spelling rules are different.

What are the thesis writing services we provide?

Thesis writing

Our team providing consultancy support, our university thesis preparation center, guides students who want to write a thesis. First of all, My Premium Essay it provides topics to students who are looking for a topic. We show examples to students who have problems while preparing and tell them how to do it. We provide detailed information to students who say I can’t do it, I don’t know what to do.

Thesis preparation fees

Pricing is calculated per page for thesis writing. Therefore, it is very important how many pages will be written. Thesis printing prices vary between 30 and 60 TL per page for the final thesis. For students who want to print their master’s thesis, postgraduate fees per page vary between 40 and 70 TL. Thesis editing fees generally vary between 100 and 200 liras. We design for thesis formatting from A to Z according to the thesis writing guide.

Thesis editing

We quickly support those who cannot edit according to the format. We make shape, page, graphic, page, point adjustments. Our institution, which provides Ademik consultancy services, offers a reliable, professional, and economical budget.

Questions about thesis preparation

How many days do you write?

By calculating the request from the student and the time to deliver, we can write and deliver within a period of 3 months or up to 3 days.

Do you pay attention to the similarity ratio? By looking at the plagiarism rate at the time of writing, we deliver it below 20%.

where is your place

What do we do if we want to meet? Our center is in Istanbul. Students can come and visit if they want.

How much are the undergraduate and graduate thesis fees?

Thesis preparation fees vary according to the number of pages. For this, we need to know the chapter, subject, and delivery date. Prices are not fixed. 

Do you guarantee

Yes, we give assurance in all the work we do.

How is the payment

We take the first part of the payment at the beginning and send the rest in pdf format of the plagiarism document. After making the remaining payment, we send it in word format.

Can I just edit?

According to your request, we only fulfill your requests for editing according to your university’s template.

How can we trust you?

There are many consulting companies, how can we trust you? You can write to us from the online chat window, and reach us at any time of the day via WhatsApp and phone. When you call us, write my essay for me you will immediately realize that we are competent in this business. We are not worried about trust. Those who want can come and meet us at our office.

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