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 Two Malaysian Girls are off to Alabama! Do you want to know why?

Nur binti Ibrahim and Aafiyat binti Mohamad are doing their Masters in Zoology with specialisation in Herpetology from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Gojek Clone App

Herpetology is the study of reptiles such as snakes, crocodiles, turtles – That branch of Zoology that deals with Amphibians.

They both have been shortlisted to go for an overseas trip to Alabama in the United States to complete their research papers on Alligators. The Malaysian Government pays a total amount of 8836 Malaysian Ringgit to book two seats in the Economy Class of Qatar Airways. They will be boarding Qatar Airways QR 0849 Boeing 777-300ER in just under half an hour!

They reached Birmingham Shuttlesworth International Airport of Alabama in 31 hours 51 minutes with two stop-overs in Doha and Chicago!

Nur opens her Gojek Clone App and books Subaru Outback 3.6R to Sheraton Birmingham Hotel that is hardly 5 miles away from the airport. While requesting a ride, a pop-up window had instructed her about the Corona-Safety Checklist of this multi-service on-demand service. Clear guidelines were given such as wearing a face mask at all times during the ride, regularly sanitizing the hands, handling personal luggage on your own and paying via in-app wallet. Nur and Aafiyat were both comfortable with the guidelines.

Taxi Driver James accepts this Taxi ride request, but before he can start the ride

He has to upload a selfie with the face mask on and upload it on the app and wait for the App Owner’s approval. It is only after the Face Mask Verification process that the Taxi Driver can begin his ride! By the time these girls connected their baggage and reached the Taxi Pick-Up point, James was already there! He took them to Sheraton Birmingham Hotel in exactly 9 minutes.

The Total fare came out to be US $42.9 but Nur wanted to pay in her local currency Malaysian Ringgit.

And she could because of this new feature of Gojek Clone App that allows foreign tourists to pay in their local currency. Nur paid him 178.19 MYR via the in-app wallet to help curb the further spread of Covid-19 by avoiding paying in cash because currency notes are one of the most common carriers of this lethal coronavirus.

They are now resting in the Hotel’s Junior Suite when Aafiyat realises she has forgotten to bring along her anti-anxiety pills!

Nur first orders Hot Chocolate from the Hotel’s in-house pantry for Aafiyat to help her calm down and then uses the same app to order Xanax from Harbin Discount Pharmacy nearby by uploading Aafiyat’s prescription. Although they both are tired but will want to eat some spicy street food before calling it a night!


This time Nur and Aafiyat rent Moto Rides! They wanted to breathe in the fresh air of Alabama

They stop at the Corry’s Restaurant and binge on two Pork Chop Sandwiches with Loaded Beef Fries. But they aren’t satisfied; they want to feast on the authentic local food of Alabama. They then told their MotoRide Drivers to take them to the Street Food Corner where they gorged on Cajan shrimp. After two hours of fun, it was almost midnight and the next day they had their planned visit to the Alligator Alley. They come back to their Hotel by quarter past midnight and then sleep like a log.

Morning Morning! Let’s go meet some cute Alligators!

Nur and Aafiyat wake up early in the morning by 5:00 EST (9:00 GMT) to travel nearly five hours to reach the Alligator Valley. They rented a Nissan Sentra S using the Gojek Clone App and left for the destination!

They didn’t just hold them in their arms but also had their lunch with these adorable Alligators!


Gojek Clone App is a life-saviour. These women could feel at ease in a foreign land only because they could still browse the app in their lingua franca and pay in Malaysian Ringgit.

And there are millions out there who are using this All-In-One-Services App every single day. The App Owner earns commission on every single service rendered or order delivered through this app. Do you also want to earn thousands of US Dollars a day as a Gojek Clone App owner? Do you want an authentic white-labelling firm to launch the app for you in just under 7 days?

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