Douglas Warner once famously quoted, “It’s important to remember your competitor is only one mouse click away.”  Hence, to survive in this competitive world, one needs to be on his toes. And as consumers are spoilt for choice, you need some smart techniques to draw attention and win customers. 

And in this digital world, it all comes to the presentation. Talking about it, who does not want an amazing and alluring website, right? After all, a good-looking website helps in gathering more customers and creating an impression on your website.

Because in this modern marketing way the more presentable we are the better it is for the business. And therefore have a simple hack for you and that is – add images and videos for the website. 

Many might argue that adding images and video on the website might affect the speed and hamper the reputation, which is correct. Therefore, we have another hack for you: embed Instagram widget on the widgets.

What are Instagram Widgets?

Instagram widgets are the website’s functional block that helps you display Instagram feeds on your website. These widgets stream the videos and images from the source, hence not affecting your website’s speed. 

There are various social media aggregator tools in the market that provide you with a dedicated Instagram widget that helps you embed Instagram feed on your website. In addition, the Internet provides various social media aggregator tools that ease your embedding process and assist you in increasing the visuals of your website. 

And for your ease are listing 3 best tools that help you to embed Instagram widget on the website. They are easily available on the Internet and provides amazing results.

Best Tools That Helps You To Embed Instagram Widget On Website

As mentioned above, a good looking website adds great benefit to your website. One needs to work on the website, as in this digital world, the website works as the representative of the brand. And you need to have a pleasing representative to create a good impression on your visitors. The following tools helps you in this process:


We are starting the list with the most popular social media aggregator. Tagembed has made a name for itself as it is smooth to operate and fits every budget. With its free forever plan, the tool is the marketer’s favorite. It allows users to collect social feeds from various social media platforms and then curate and customize the collected feed and then display them on your website without any hassle. The tool offers a dedicated Instagram widget that helps collect Instagram feed from your desired source (you can choose hashtags, mentions, username and more as your source) and then showcase the collected feed on your website.

Furthermore, it also allows you to personalize the widget as per your style. You can easily change the font size, font style background, and more to match your style with the customization feature. You also have various themes and layouts as your choices to present your widget in an organized fashion. Here, you can select the layout that best matches your website’s style to make it more professional.

With the moderation feature, you can moderate the content as per your need. It allows you to filter out all irrelevant and unwanted content from your feed and maintain the quality of your website. Here, you can manually remove the post from your Instagram widget or choose for automation where the tool removes the post from the widget containing the provided keywords. 

Moreover, the widget is responsive, which means the widget adjusts itself as per the size of the screen. In simple words, it does not matter what device your visitor is using. The charm of your website remains the same. There is no need to change the setting as per different screen sizes. And we have brought the point of automation, it is important to mention that the widget automatically displays all the latest posts from your source; there is no need to refresh manually.


Snapwidget is one the well-renowned tool that has a strong customer portfolio that consists of some well-known brands. Moreover, it provides different kinds of widgets that have their own relevance and usage. for example, you can Instagram widget on website with an Instagram grid layout. This layout displays the feed in an organized way and provides equal space for all the posts.

The tool focuses on providing a presentable Instagram widget that helps you in getting great website traffic and impress your visitors. After all, you must have a presentable website as it not only helps enhance the beauty of your website but also helps you make your website engaging for visitors.


Lightwidget provides a responsive Instagram widget that adjusts itself as per any screen type. As the name suggests, it is a lightweight tool that streams images and videos on the website, without affecting the speed of your website.

In conclusion

There is no denying the fact that Instagram is an influencing social media platform, it is impressive to have a social media marketing plan which involves Instagram as part of it. But with the help of Instagram widget you can use the platform beyond its boundaries. Also, by opting to embed Instagram widget on a website you can create a link between your website and Instagram handle, strengthening your social media presence.

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