Virtual assets have exploded in adoption and popularity all around the world. There are a few countries left with cryptocurrencies. However, within a decade, we are going to view the whole world actually getting driven by cryptocurrencies and blockchains. The most popular cryptocurrency perpetually remains Bitcoin, of course. Nevertheless, altcoins or the cryptocurrencies next to Bitcoin are gaining traction nowadays. As they are gaining pressing steam, crypto enthusiasts want to know the top cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin that are about to explode. So, in this article, I will reveal the top altcoins you should buy this year. 

Top Cryptocurrencies To Buy In 2021

1. Ethereum

If there is any coin that has the capability to compete with Bitcoin, it is none other than our second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum. Many people comprehend this cryptocurrency as an originator of Dapps and smart contracts. Ethereum has a market cap of more than $400 million, which fluctuates from time to time depending on the conditions continuing in the market. You do not have to worry after investing in this cryptocurrency because it has a solid foundation. Many crypto enthusiasts are supporting Ethereum, and the new assets launching presently are working on the Ethereum blockchain. You should buy Ethereum as it is securing tremendous growth. 

2. Binance Coin

Binance coin has shown all the people that a token from an exchange can go successful within a short time. Without a doubt, Binance coin is a high-performing cryptocurrency that comes in the list of top 10 cryptocurrencies. Binance coin has its own blockchain, and it supports many features. Anyone who is looking to take all the benefits from Binance should watch for this cryptocurrency. When you deal with Binance coin, some trades come with further discounts. Binance coin is a significant competitor of Ethereum. The growth potential of the Binance coin is pretty high. It has given returns at a whopping 420000 percent. 

3. Flow 

The team behind Flow defines it as an asset opening the world of new blockchains. Innovators can create unique applications and even digital assets with the help of this cryptocurrency. Besides being a platform for developers and innovators, it is an asset you should look for this year. The latest Flow token price prediction is confident for the upcoming years. Several vibrant communities are supporting this cryptocurrency because it allows internet protocols to expand with time. At present, the Flow token is open at a very low price. So, buy this cryptocurrency before it reaches its all-time high. 

4. Solana

I have listed this cryptocurrency at last because it still has some time to grow. Solana comes with a minor capitalization of about $20 billion in the market. This cryptocurrency works on Dapps, DeFis and smart contracts. All are the features of Ethereum, and obviously, Solana is created from the Ethereum blockchain. The combination of Proof-of-History and Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithms makes the cryptocurrency a unique one. You can invest in this cryptocurrency after approaching a crypto exchange platform like Binance. Binance deals with almost 150+ top-performing cryptocurrencies. You are surely going to benefit from Solana. Spend on it this year. 

Should You Worry About The Market Conditions?

Experts assert that you should study the market conditions while investing in cryptocurrencies. Yes, they are right. But how would you know about the ongoing market conditions? A crypto platform can help you out. You need to find the best time. Still, do not worry! These cryptocurrencies I have described above are the top-performing ones. Ethereum remains an all-time favourite altcoin among investors. Experts especially look for the Ethereum price prediction 2025 and say that it is going to be the next big cryptocurrency in the next coming years. It is natural for cryptocurrencies to fall when situations get worse. Still, they recover gradually.  

The best part of cryptocurrencies is that the more you HODL them, the more you profit. Newbies and sometimes experienced traders make a mistake. They sell whenever the market observes a steep fall. Bitcoin exists like a trendsetter in the market, and altcoins bring innovation to these trends. New cryptocurrencies are replacing the ones that fail to survive. That also indicates the underdeveloped cryptocurrencies are dying. So, beware of cryptocurrencies that seem to be the walking-dead coins. They are a waste of all your efforts and money. Look for the price predictions to know more about the top altcoins in 2021


In this article, we have seen the top cryptocurrencies that are producing profits for their spenders. To determine longevity, you can always trust a crypto platform. However, a crypto platform should be a reputable one. On the condition that you observe stability in price predictions for a particular cryptocurrency, you can invest in that. Take time to constantly monitor the charts, and you will find the best altcoins to invest in August 2021. Price predictions arrive with good grace for those who know how to invest. The key is to prepare and apply a workable strategy in due time.  

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