The banking industry is becoming more competitive with next-generation banks undergoing core banking transformation and gaining market share. This upward trend for the banking industry has come into play backed by core banking transformation where banks are focusing on attractive value-chain niches, compelling incumbent banks to rethink their outdated systems.

Core Banking (a centralized online real-time exchange) is a banking service offered by a network of banking branches that allows consumers to access their bank accounts and execute basic duties at any of their member branch offices.

According to a May 2019 McKinsey poll, 70% of banks are presently actively assessing their major banking platforms. As a result, many major banking institutions operate their goods. These banking software solution providers choose from a number of software delivery options. Some of them operate on a subscription basis, while others provide white label products.

Banking software is a critical component of all banks as a banking software that generates accounting and management accounts, balances, transactions, journal entries, and the storing of client data, receipts, and other reporting tools.

In-house development of core banking software is a difficult and time-consuming process that can overburden teams and cause product delays. As a result, only a small number of banks have their own banking platforms.

The good news for the banking industry is that there are plenty of core banking softwares that assist institutions with core banking transformation, swift, and efficient modernisation.

Here is a list of top Core Banking Software available in the market:

Temenos Banking

Temenos is a leading banking software package that was founded in 1993. Temenos has unrivalled knowledge and a wide variety of system integration after more than 25 years of offering the best-selling banking software for financial institutions.

Temenos Banking is a prominent destination for more than 3,000 current customers and 41 top 50 banks worldwide, servicing more than 500 million clients daily, thanks to the high performance of banking software solutions and modern technology. The banking software platform is intended to assist retail, corporate, and private banks with transaction management, risk management, business debt management, and more. T24 is a banking software provider. They are among the top ten financial software businesses thanks to their technology.

Oracle Flexcube – 

Oracle FLEXCUBE accounts are used by 10% of World Bank employees. In 140 countries, the company’s universal banking products are used by 600 trade banking software solutions. Financial institutions can use FLEXCUBE’s digital start-up skills to establish and create a digital client experience for the future generation.

Mambu – 

Despite being a relative newcomer, banking software manufacturer Mambu has established itself as a rapidly expanding provider of financial solutions. The Mambu platform has been accredited by 100 microfinance companies in 26 countries in the two years after its launch in 2011.

Mambu’s SaaS engine is one of the most powerful and advanced common banking systems, with banking software designed from the ground up. Mambu offers its clients the tools to create, integrate, and deploy any loan portfolio in addition to its cloud-based strategy.

Backbase – 

Backbase is a prominent banking software vendor that has been chosen by more than 80 banks around the world. It enables financial institutions to put digital material at the heart of their business models. Technology-focused organisations such as Barclays, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Fidelity, ING, and others favour the company’s Omni-Channel Banking Platform.

FIS – 

FIS is a financial services and products provider based in the United States. The FIS employs around 62,000 people worldwide and is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. Systematics was the name given to FIS when it was created in 1968. Merchant Solutions, Bank Solutions, and Financial Market Solutions are the three primary categories in which it offers its major banking solutions.


Forbis is a financial IT company that specialises in a variety of financial goods. It is concerned with the digitization of banking procedures and products. As a supplement to its core services, the organisation also offers consultancy and training in the development of banks.


It is a single organisation that provides the market with a big banking solution. Platform for visual banking is improved. Financial management, account management, and currency trades are all available on the forum. According to the company, this financial platform is adaptable and simple to set up on your server. Securepaymentz’s main banking platform is based on a subscription basis. They keep their consumers up to date with regular updates and simple explanations of new features.

NCino –

Ncino was formed in 2012 in North Carolina, USA, as a result of a fraudulent commercial credit system. It evolved into a Salesforce-based nCino Bank Operating System® vendor in less than ten years. It’s intended to make everyday activities easier, improve customer satisfaction and efficiency, and cut expenses.

Novatti – 

It is a prominent player in the fintech market, allowing firms to “pay and pay,” as they put it on their website. This digital banking and payment organisation processes and accepts payments, issues cards, and registers payment solutions for businesses of all sizes in 58 countries, all while encouraging a low-income society.


As the name implies, Bricknode is a cloud banking platform that serves as a foundation for the development of financial organisations. Customers can use modules appropriate for trading, financing, borrowing, investing, etc., or upgrade their apps and connect them through the platform API, using the Bricknode Core as a base, or application, as the firm puts it.

Maveric Systems

Maveric Systems, founded in 2000, is a specialty, domain-led BankTech expert that works with international banks to solve their business difficulties using emerging technology. Our 3000+ technical experts and established frameworks assist our customers in navigating a rapidly changing environment, allowing for a more precise formulation of their objectives and metrics for achieving them.

In the retail, corporate, and wealth management lines of business, Maveric Systems accelerate digital transformation. This happens with the banking domain’s inherent strength, a delivery paradigm based on customer closeness and profound domain and tech leadership, backed up by a culture of ownership, energy, and dedication to customer success.

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