When erectile dysfunction happens the cause could be or psychological as well as physiological or both. In either case, the results of this disorder can be devastating to the sufferers (and their loved ones). When the reason is psychological The good news is that there aren’t any other issues with the underlying health that one should be concern about. There are a variety of treatment options to choose from.

The psychological reasons that cause erectile disfunction are:

Lack of self-esteem and a confidence issues can lead to erectile dysfunction.
Stress over sexual performance is an important element in the psychological aspect of erectile dysfunction. When a man is diagnose with ED anxiety over continuing failure can cause anxiety and can aggravate the problem.
Depression is common reason for ED Although some medications may be helpful for depression, certain antidepressants have been proven to trigger ED
Problems with relationships – being in an unsupportive, tense relationship or in a partnership that has conflict that is not resolve, may lead to an increase in ED
Stress related to work or financial
The loss of interest in sexual activity
Response to physical ED in cases where the erectile dysfunction is due to physiological or physical causes This could cause anxiety in performance and therefore, be a contributing factor to the physiological ED.
Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction due to psychological causes

Therapy: Depending on the particular reason the client can choose from a range of of qualify therapy or counselors available. They all have various methods for handling, managing and conquering psychological issues.

The Management of Stress: Besides counseling, any other activity that helps to lessen stress is beneficial in the fight against mental ED. Exercise is among the most effective ways to reduce stress. Apart from the physical benefits, exercising will also result in an increase in endorphins into the body. if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction then you can take Vidalista 40. Endorphins are our organ’s “feel good” chemical, and are the reason for feelings of well-being and the release of sexual hormones, to increase the threshold for pain, and to reduce the detrimental effects cause by stress.

The physiological factors for erectile dysfunction can be attribute to the physical factors which prevent blood flow into the penis. In order for an erection to take place it is necessary to have a strong flow of blood to the penis is necessary. The result is that the blood vessels within the penis getting engorge which results in an sexual erection. Any issue that hinders the process has an issue of physiology which includes:

Heart disease is a risk of developing cardiovascular disease is greater in those who suffer from ED because they have a higher likelihood to be suffering from block arteries, also known as atherosclerosis.

Blood pressure that is high could reduce penis blood flow and affect men’s ability to get an erection.

People who suffer from diabetics are at a higher risk of developing ED in the event that their diabetes isn’t control. Blood sugar levels that are too high can cause nerve damage, which could alter blood flow and circulation to the penis.

Low testosterone levels – sex drives and the capability to get an sexual erection is both affect by the testosterone levels in the body.

Certain kinds of surgery such as pelvic or abdominal surgical procedures could cause injuries to blood vessels and nerves that help in getting an erection.

Certain antidepressant medication, as well as some cardiovascular medications use to reduce blood pressure have been proven to cause erectile dysfunction.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction that is the Physiological Causes

Because of the possibility of serious health issues that are underlying It is advise to consult the medical doctor for a thorough evaluation. The treatments a doctor can prescribe for ED may include:


Oral medications such as Viagra, Vidalista and Levitra can be use to obtain sexual erections. They work for the majority of males. However , they can cause negative side effects and do not provide the long-term solution for ED

Testosterone replacement therapy

If tests indicate low testosterone levels, then testosterone therapy will help you achieve erections.

non-medical treatment

Vacuum pump devices and rubber rings are use to increase the flow of blood towards the penis. They aren’t always efficient and should be utilize in conjunction with a physician.

The treatment for penile injections

This involves injecting one or more medications into the penis’s side which can result in the penis harden quickly. But long-term injections could result in scarring. The drug can cause painful erectile dysfunction known as priapism.

The Penile Implants

These are devices that are surgically implant in the penis. They are employee by pressing a particular component that is part of the instrument. They can be expensive and should only be utilize in the last instance, when alternative treatment options have been unsuccessful.

Vascular Surgery

It targets the arteries, veins and blood vessels that carry fluid to penis. This procedure is recommended only for those people. Those who suffer from injuries to the vascular system due to trauma to the region.

Natural Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

The most frequently cite causes of physical ED are low blood flow, poor circulation, and block arterial. It’s usually cause by the lifestyle that is unhealthy. Poor exercise, inadequate diet, and excessive consumption of tobacco and alcohol are all major causes of heart disease. The presence of heart disease is link to the likelihood of developing Erectile dysfunction.

The risk of ED is significantly reduced by making healthy lifestyle and following lifestyle changes.

The diet you choose. It should be rich in healthy protein and vegetables as well as grains and nuts.

Avoid foods that are that are high in cholesterol and fat (specifically LDL, the bad cholesterol).

Plenty of exercise Exercise in the cardio area significantly increase circulation  in addition to helping lower cholesterol levels and unblocking the arteries. You can take Vidalista black 80 mg Training for strength will boost levels of testosterone and growth hormone each of them crucial to have healthy erections.

A lower intake of tobacco and alcohol Both of these substances  found to cause erectile dysfunction when consume in large amounts, which is why they should not be consume whenever feasible.

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