As much as the marine creatures fascinate human beings, they are afraid of getting into the depth of the waters to chase after them and explore them. Such an expedition can even invite an attack from the mighty creatures and make returning to land a lost dream for many. This is why aquariums are established and let human beings explore and enjoy what they cannot in the deep waters of seas and oceans. The Dubai aquarium is one of the giant aquariums of the world, which has a wide variety of marine creatures. The facility also offers a vast range of experiences to help the visitors select and stick to what they want to see. The ultimate experience is the most popular plan, including many exciting experiences and making the trip memorable and enjoyable.

Keep scrolling down this article to explore the details of the ultimate experience at the Dubai aquarium and learn all you must know about it.

Top 7 Highlights of Ultimate Experience at Dubai Aquarium

Dubai aquarium is so huge and mesmerizing that you can get lost and lose track of time if you do not plan your trip wisely. The authorities at the facility provide a few choices to the visitors in terms of plans and packages to enjoy the experience to the fullest. One such plan is the ultimate experience which has a lot to offer and how. Here are some of the major highlights of the ultimate experience at the Dubai aquarium that cab tempts and attract anyone to visit the facility and enjoy the experience.

1. Aquarium Tunnel Visit

The first and foremost highlight of the aquarium that attracts tourists from across the globe is the aquarium tunnel visit. The tunnel is made of glass and clearly shows the mighty and even smaller creatures in the aquarium. It has a stunning view which makes time fly into seconds. People get Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo tickets online and choose the ultimate experience so they can explore the beauty of the tunnel in less crowded hours.

2. Underwater Zoo Visit

Apart from the aquarium tunnel, which lets the visitors explore the beauty of marine creatures through glass, the facility also lets the visitors explore the underwater zoo, which is another highlight of the ultimate experience. The underwater zoo visit is often combined with cage snorkeling and scuba diving. These activities allow visitors to explore marine creatures from up close and even interact with them within safe limits.

3. Guided Behind the Scenes Tour

One of the best and most knowledgeable highlights of the ultimate experience is the guided behind-the-scenes tour of the facility. Apart from exploring the places where the marine creatures are kept, the visitors are provided a brief guide and insight into the care, treatment, and fodder of the marine species. The visitors also get to know their origins as well as the lesser-known facts, which specifically update their knowledge.

4. Penguin Cove Exploration

Another significant highlight of the ultimate experience offered by Dubai aquarium is the penguin cove exploration. This is an activity that is not included in any other package or plan. It makes the ultimate experience specifically attractive for the visitor. They can explore, watch and play with the adorable penguins; even feed them by getting permission and approval from the guides.

5. Glass Boat Tour

The glass boat ride is another attractive highlight of the ultimate experience offered by the Dubai aquarium. As the name suggests, the visitors can enjoy a glass boat ride in the aquarium and watch over the marine creatures from a closer perspective. It can help them explore and distinguish various types of the same creature and update their knowledge.

6. Food & Beverage Voucher “Aquarium Cafe”

One of the most significant highlights of the ultimate experience at the Dubai aquarium is the food and beverage at the aquarium café. The facility is not open for the general visitors but only for those who get this particular plan. It allows them to explore the aquarium café and use the vouchers to get the refreshment they want. It is also a major reason most people prefer this plan.

7. Aquarium Retail Shop Visit

The last but most attractive highlight of the ultimate experience is that it provides access to the aquarium retail shop. The retail shop allows the visitors to buy souvenirs for their friends and family so they can remember and cherish the tour for life. You can easily get Dubai aquarium tickets online; select the ultimate experience to enjoy a holistic tour that ensures you do not miss out on any popular activity.

Wondering where you can get tickets immediately?

If yes, you do not need to wander here and there. Just head to the facility to get your tickets; however, that may require you to wait in queues. The better alternative is to book your ticket in Dubai online and head to the facility to enjoy your experience. So do not waste any more time and head out for the expedition.

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