To determine the function of a vortex flow meter, you first need to know what a vortex flow meter is. Vortex flow meters are devices that measure the vibration of vortexes that comes from the bluff body, which is always at the fluids’ moving stream.
The vortexes are always from the body side, and their fluid velocity is always more with less pressure. Generally, the vortex flow meter will measure the flow rate of both glasses and liquids. The device is essential in many industrial applications where there is a need for flow measurement.

The invention of flow meters always takes place every year. For instance, you will get the Vortex, mechanical, and magnetic, and ultrasonic flow meters. However, the most basic flow meter is known to be a mechanical flow meter.
Mechanical flow meters are always simple to install and easier to use. On the other hand, ultrasonic flow meters are the most current flow meters available in the market. It usually provides the most reliable, precise, and accurate results on various measurements.

Categories of flow meters

You can categorize the flow meters into five main types. For instance, there are vortex flow meters, liquid flow meters, piston flow meters, and paddlewheel flow meters. Many people are always worried that a device that measures the same thing and has other common functions can have many categories.
However, each flow meter usually has a slightly small difference in its measurements, results, usage, and purposes.

For instance, you can get a paddlewheel flow meter in applications like an irrigation system. Liquid flow meters are always suitable for pipes and cooling systems applications, and piston flow meters for corrosive liquids applications.
The vortex flowmeter is popular in applications dealing with water or other liquids and different gasses. As you have seen, every flow meter type has its application area where it is best suited at. You only need to know the type of your application, and you will be good to go.

Functions of a vortex flowmeter

After knowing some basics of flow meter types and their applications, let us now major in vortex flow meter functions. If you have a challenge knowing what a vortex flowmeter does, stay here to get the best.
A vortex flow meter is suitable for measuring the flow rate of gasses and liquids, and it would be best to place it in the direction of the flow to obtain accurate results. It is always known to be a shredder bar. For that reason, you can refer to a vortex flowmeter as a shredder bar.

When you place an object in the flow direction, the liquids will generate vortices on the object side, and it will therefore flow in either upstream or downstream the vortex flowmeter. The moving speed of the vortices depends on the liquids’ flow rate.
Therefore, the major function of the vortex flowmeter is to measure the volume flow, which you may calculate by using any other machine like a computer. You can measure the volume flow by reading the temperatures and pressures.
Generally, the function of vortex flow meters is similar to all other flow meters. You can use it to obtain an accurate reading of your measurements.

Summing up

A vortex flow meter helps in various applications like in the flow rate measurements of liquids and gasses. A bluff body generates the vortexes, which are essential to the vortex flowmeter moving. However, there are some other flow meters that you can use in various applications, such as corrosive materials, irrigation systems, etc.

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