A home is a place where we live, enjoy, eat food and walk here & there all around but what

feelings we get in our living room it can not be achieved anywhere else. We decorate and design our room according to our own needs & desire what we want it to look like. Any structure

without designing is just a piece of brick & cement and no one wants to look at it but if it’s handled with care, designed & arranged well everyone will be amazed at your aesthetic sense. We are not always in a condition to hire an expert for designing so if you have creative abilities you can take your home design to new levels without escalating your budget. But you can take help from the experts present at Interior Design Consultancy or Interior Fit-out Services Dubai

to make your living rooms more adorable and comfortable. Here are some of the tips to decorate your room by yourself.

Decide the theme:

First thing while decorating your room is to decide what kind of theme you want in your room and you have to do it yourself because no one knows you better than you. You can take help from the internet, interior design magazines or tv shows to get inspiration about your room theme. You can also search out the portfolios of different interior designers and then compare what kind of services they are giving in a specific budget. Once you have decided on the theme you are ready to go to design your room.


Artwork is the idea in a tnterior design that is very old and still in demand. The best way to hang art on walls is to make a layout like a square or any kind then hand art pictures or artwork according to that layout. Place the artwork at a proper distance and height do not hang much upward or downward because it will not look good and also put the wall art in the centre of any wall or a specified place not just randomly because it will create a mess in the room. You can

also place your special occasion pictures in a frame like wedding pictures or childhood memories and it will look more adorable in the living room.

Add a bookshelf or CD case:

To decorate your room exceptionally it’s a better idea to show out your books and movies

collection that is lying somewhere in the store. Arrange all the books on a shelf and also place the CDS there you can also arrange the books alphabetically and decorate the CDs with different pearls or anything else of your choice. It will show your aesthetic sense and it will also make your room look brilliant.

Give attention to the floor:

The floor is the most of our house and we do not pay attention to it mostly. We just think that

only putting marble or natural stone we just have done our best with this part but it’s not so true you have to give this proper attention. You can use various kinds of mats, carpets or rugs to beautify this part of the house. Rugs can be of different kinds, designs, styles and colours.

Choose the colour and design of these all according to your home decor because it will add up to the softness of your home. Fabric must be according to the weather conditions because it

matters a lot and will add glow to your floor. If the floor is simple you can add more design to all these above- mentioned items and if it already has many patterns then go for simple items to enhance the look of the room.

Use accessories:

Design is not everything if there is no comfort in your home so make sure you have all the needed accessories in the house to make it look more elegant. Like you can put LED & energy- efficient lights, in the winter season fireworks, and much more that are often useful items.

These items will not ease your daily life but will also make your house look more beautiful. In this era of technological advancement, you can use telephone, storage gadgets to enhance the look of your room as well as your home.


These are some of the tips to make your room more decorative and adorable with some extra effort. You do not have to overburden yourself in any way just plan everything well and you can get everything done in a very limited time & budget. The experienced staff at Decor design for Restaurant UAE will also help you out in this regard to give your home timeless appeal.


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