The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software is a software for recruiting that can process hundreds, if not thousands, of applications in just half the time it takes hiring managers or recruiters to complete the task manually. ATS systems employ algorithms to find candidates suitable for a job advertisement.

ATS software can also help hiring teams collaborate, making the hiring process easier and making it more enjoyable for all those involved.

Software also helps hiring teams collaborate with their counterparts to streamline the hiring process and improve the experience of all those who are involved.

Applicant Tracking System in India are applications created to sort and organize candidates for employment. These systems make it easier to manage the recruitment process by offering a centralized location to look at candidates, monitor their progress throughout the recruitment, and filter by their qualifications. Various applicant tracking systems can be downloaded online using open source software or software as services (SaaS) applications.

How Does an ATS Work?

Each system is unique, but most applicant tracking systems use keywords to classify and rank resumes or applications. Hiring managers can select specific keywords to look for the most compatible applications and help them identify applicants whose work experience is the most closely aligned with the requirements in a job advertisement.

Application tracking software is well-known for its capacity to import resumes and filter out applicants who aren’t qualified. However, they are also used in all aspects of the recruitment process, such as posting job ads, creating emails for marketing, and tracking prospective applicants.

An ATS acts as a filtering tool for resumes and applications. If a business receives hundreds, dozens, perhaps even thousands of resumes and resumes, an ATS can filter all of them and find the most relevant ones to the specific filters used by the hiring manager. It does this by breaking the application or resume into sections, like the applicant’s education, experience in the workplace and abilities. It then scans these sections and picks those with the highest number of keywords or filters. After an ATS has approved an application, the application is then suggested to the hiring manager.

But that’s not to say that an ATS is no longer beneficial. An HR manager or recruiter can use an ATS to contact competent applicants, keep their data well-organized and even save candidates they believe to be the best competition. Team members can use the central system to provide notes and feedback on the interviewees and arrange follow-up interviews.

Why Do I Need ATS Software?

ATS software allows companies to save time and cost in making the recruiting process completely paperless. An ATS allows you to save, retrieve and purge applications with only a few clicks. In addition, the software reduces the possibility of human error, as it ensures that crucial information is safe and well-organized. It also makes the application process more simple for applicants.

If you’re looking to make the hiring process more efficient for your organization and candidates, an ATS system is the best option. Instead of keeping applicants’ resumes and other details manually, the ATS gives you an efficient method of organizing all of the information. It can be particularly beneficial for businesses that receive a lot of applicants for job postings.

Another advantage of ATS software is that it offers all the information you need to recruit all in one central location. Instead of having several applications open, including your calendar, email, and internal messaging systems, A ATS integrates everything and more in one location. As a result, it decreases the time spent switching from one application to another and simplifies the whole process.

ATS systems can also be useful in organizing the hiring process for an employee, right from receipt of the application through the time of onboarding. For example, if you’ve interviewed a candidate and want to bring the candidate back to conduct a second interview, it is possible to note it within an ATS. It also offers a way for team members to offer feedback to an interviewee to ensure that you don’t communicate with them in person or via email, which could disappear.

  • Reducing time To hire by ATS

The time to hire is an important aspect for any business.

Unfilled positions can affect the customer experience and possibly even affect the company’s image. In addition, time spent reviewing applications and going through an interview process hours that are not used to more lucrative tasks. ATS software could help businesses cut down on hiring time while restoring work hours and filling positions faster.

  • Improved Applicant Experience

ATS software can enhance the candidate experience. For example, career pages can be equipped with application links making it simple for potential candidates to apply. Candidates can also learn about the company’s history, its values, and the subsequent steps in the hiring process. It will help them feel more enthusiastic about joining the company and make hiring appear effortless.

A well-organized hiring process can speak positively for the business. It could prompt the best talent to apply and also make current applicants feel comfortable being part of the team if they get hired.

  • More Coordinated Hiring Efforts

Recruitment managers, hiring managers, and other team members on the hiring side might not be on the same team. Schedules and motivations could differ, causing one member of the hiring team to appear more in the aware regarding specific candidates or phases of hiring.

ATS software can be kept up to date with the hiring status of candidates, utilized to exchange messages between colleagues and comes with a timetable for interviews so that everyone is working in sync. In addition, it will keep all the in-between work running smoothly, ensuring that applicants only see a well-coordinated team throughout their hiring procedure.


These kinds of software are particularly beneficial for HR departments and recruiters who must sort through a huge applicant pool or need to hire regularly for many different job descriptions. The increased number of online job listings makes it easier for applicants to submit applications for positions quickly while simultaneously increasing the applicant pool. An ATS can help reduce the added work associated with larger applicant pools by controlling the entire recruitment process in one place.

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