If you still do not know Bigo Live you are in the right article To start knowing this social video streaming platform in which users broadcast all their life live on a daily basis, they can chat with their friends via video calls and above all watch popular videos directly.

Maybe if you are a younger generation person (not like me) posting photos or videos is not something new anymore and what you love now is watching content live, streaming , as with the Twitch platform which has been so successful in recent years. This is why new applications are emerging with their personal touch, different in their characteristics or their uses and / or applications, but all with a common base, live video.

What is Bigo Live?

As we have seen previously in the previous paragraphs, Bigo Live is intended to be a completely live socialization platform based on streaming. Bigo Live aims to be a platform where we can all show our daily moments, we can talk with our friends or have a great time with the people you invite to the live show.

Basically Bigo Live is a social streaming network where you will have the opportunity to be one more and use it to have a good time or show all your talent playing an instrument, to say something totally random, since you will be able to show the talent that you like and that you have. Next, we’ll go into more detail about the app.

What does Bigo Live offer you?

Thanks to the fact that today the live video format known as streaming is booming, applications like Bigo Live have thousands or millions of users. Concretely, Bigo Live already has 350 million users worldwide who have tried the application and have seen a live broadcast from their mobile. Either way, we believe that the live or streaming video format is triumphing because it shows you as you are, you are not behind filters as can happen in a photo or other media content. other well-known social networks.

If you need more reasons or just more information about what the app offers, we’ll talk about its main features next:

Bigo has a lot of variety of really interesting content , and that’s one of the reasons it’s popular. The application allows you to see the content according to your interests, or simply, you can meet people who teach anything, like we said, to play an instrument, and marvel or learn or just have fun with that person. You can find new live shows that will surprise you.

With this application, which has so many users around the world, you can make friends of a thousand nationalities. The app has a totally global reach and with its live streams you never know what to expect. You will be able to talk to people in other languages ​​and therefore practice them. You can also talk by voice with its call feature and even video conference with your friends or new people to meet, yes this tool has maximum limit of 9 live people. Not bad at all for meeting people.

There is a pairing function which will allow you to find random users. Another great function for making friends in Bigo Live that will allow you to chat for a while and if the person convinces you, move on to friendship. Imagine how many people you can meet in the world.

Bigo Live uses a lot of different filters to make the content you create or what others create more imaginative and different. You can give your content a touch by making it unique. On the other hand, there are presets that will enhance lighting and other types of properties that will be useful for live streaming. You will have filters of all kinds but above all we recommend humorous ones.

Still don’t know the tool called PK Bigo ? It’s a fun way to play with your friends or with other people you meet. Pk Bigo is based on whether you or others accept a challenge. The person with the most points will win the Bigo Live PK while those who lose will receive fun punishments.

Is Bigo Live worth it?

In sight, more than 350 million people have downloaded the app to stream it live. This is because the data is already devastating when faced with a decision as to whether it is worth downloading Bigo live or not. As we said before, it is a fun application, which allows you to meet people from all over the world. You can chat in writing, also speak in voice calls or even open video conferences for up to 9 people. There are filters, stickers, challenges like Pk Bigo and other kinds of tools which make the app a lot of fun to use once you know its tools .

As a general rule, if something is criticized by Bigo Live, it is because it has no control over the age of those who are there, but if it is true that it expressly says in its rules what is prohibited and what is not, in fact have us pick them up in part in this article. It depends on the users if it is a fun social network or that in the end it degrades little by little. The reality is that it is fun and provides live entertainment, therefore, using it wisely, yes, we recommend it. 


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