You must have heard the term digitized embroidery with reference to apparel or customized corporate merchandise. But what do you mean by digitized embroidery? Digitized embroidery involves transforming a pre-existing artwork into embroidery design file that can be run on embroidery machine to create embroidery. Digitizing involves applying stitches to an artwork in embroidery software.

In simple words, digitized embroidery involves using embroidery software to give a series of commands to the embroidery machine on how to stitch out that design. Digitizing is the process of creating machine-ready embroidery designs.

Earlier digitizing embroidery was considered to be a laborious process, however with the advancement in technology today it is easy for anyone to create their own embroidery designs.

What do you mean by Custom Embroidery digitizing?

Custom Embroidery digitizing is the process of creating files that contain commands that are required for driving movement of embroidery machine’s hoop and needles. The files help in converting art into embroidery to be used for apparel embellishment, patch making or decorative repair.

In simple words, converting a design into a digital file for embroidery purpose is known as embroidery digitizing. The digitized design is saved in the form of embroidery file formats. The embroidery machines can read these files and use it as a reference to define the needle’s path. Embroidery digitizing cannot be automated, it requires a lot of detailing and knowledge. Most of the embroidery machines use embroidery software for controlling the designing process and controlling the functions by reading the instructions mentioned in the digitized file.

Embroidery machines cannot read or convert JPG or PNG files which can be easily opened and read on computers. For the embroidery machine to understand the design the design files need to be digitized and converted into embroidery file. A professional digitizer or embroidery designer coverts the JPG or PNG file of a client’s company logo or graphic design and converts them into embroidery file for replicating that design on apparel or merchandise.

Embroidery digitizing can be defined as the process of using a digitizing software to create machine embroidery design files with a set of instructions and commands for the embroidery machine to stitch out the final design on the garment.

On paper the process may sound very simple, but in reality it is like painting a design using stitches. It is all about choosing the appropriate stitch type and the stitch directions. One needs to have a clear understanding about the stitch counts and thread breaks.

Is digitized embroidery same as screen printing?

No, digitized embroidery is not the same as screen printing. Screen printing is about printing graphic designs while digitized embroidery is all about designing and creating the stitches. One needs to have a specific embroidery machine, digitizing software to create digitized embroidery. A professional embroidery digitizer knows how to operate the embroidery machine and use the software to create the required designs.

Both digitized embroidery and screen printing are used for printing or creating customized merchandise or promotional material for a business.

What can be digitized? What is the process for digitizing?

Any form of vector art or images can be digitized into custom embroidery design. Right from a kid’s drawing to a professional logo anything can be digitized. A professional embroidery digitizing service provider can help digitization of any design or art you want. They can help you get that design embroidered on any garment or merchandise you desire.

For getting your logo digitized on various company merchandise like t-shirts, caps, bags etc., you can either draw the logo or you can get your logo professional designed on a designing software. Send the logo drawing or design along with the embroidery requirements to the digitizer. Mention the specifics like the size of the logo, colors etc. On receiving the details the digitizer will convert the logo or design into digitized embroidery using special embroidery machines and software.

Final Words

Using digitized embroidery merchandise is one of the most effective ways to improve the look and feel of team apparel. Customized merchandise are wonderful marketing tools. Hire a professional embroidery digitizer who can help create digitized embroidery for corporate merchandise.



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