Today we are talking about elo boost in games like league of legends and TFT.

Many modern games have rating systems that categorize players based on skill. Typically, reaching a certain rank can give you various rewards. But unfortunately, for many, these rewards may not be available due to the lack of time to play. It could be school, work, or other duties that prevent you from playing 10 hours or more a day. On this basis, a phenomenon such as an Elo upgrade – rating upgrade appeared in the games. Perhaps you have come across terms like LoL-Boost or TFT-Boost on the Internet – here they indicate an increase in LoL and TFT ratings. Now, Elo support is available in almost all popular ranked games, but as we work on these games we’ll be talking about League and TFT.

So what is the Elo upgrade?

Elo Boost is an increase in the account rating in the online games we create. There are different types of buffs, like the Champion Championship buff or the Rank buff, they are about the same thing – they increase whether it is your account rank or your champion rank. In particular, there are two types of Elo Buffs – single and double. The difference is that in the first case our booster goes to your account and you play on it, and in the second case you play a duo with our booster on your account. As you can imagine, the second type of boost is much safer when it comes to the ban. To be precise, if you win twice, this chance is zero.

The Solo Boost, on the other hand, is much cheaper and faster, with little chance of getting banned. So we haven’t had a single complaint about the permanently stuck acceleration since season 9! Since we never get bored of repeating this whenever the opportunity arises, we have developed our own software to log the booster into your account so that you do not need any access data, but simply log in with your order number.

Presumably it all started with high skill players playing on other people’s accounts with low scores for free for their own pleasure so they could relax and not play at full capacity. But over time it became clear to everyone that power-ups are in great demand and that you can make money with them.

Update sites appeared in 2022.

You can find hundreds of update sites for a wide variety of games on the Internet. If you want to buy LoL or TFT support through a reliable service, you will be asked to pick first and last place – meaning you are paying for a very accurate, guaranteed result. And even if the booster assigned to your order gets hard and loses a few league points or even drops, you don’t have to worry because all the losses in the paid boost will be offset for free.

So it turns out that boosting your Elo rating is a way to earn Rank Rewards without having to live in the game and train for hundreds of hours. You order on the Elo Boost website that you like and you will soon reach the rank you want and thus the opportunity to receive the rewards you want – efficiently and conveniently for everyone.


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