With dog friendly artificial grass an ever-present problem of the 21st century. Manufactured to last and impervious to water, the quality durable synthetic turf stocked by Grass Warehouse can look clean and even, year after year – you will be the envy of dog lovers (and others). With no need to mow, never needing mowing, and requiring absolutely no maintenance, this turf is great for people who are not home much or those with busy lifestyles. Synthetic turf’s superior appearance and superior wear factor make it the perfect alternative for busy families

One of the most unique features of dog friendly grass is its unique drainage system. Unlike real grass which has a series of drainage holes, this turf has a drainage system comprised of over 500 individual drainage holes, located in different places throughout its perimeter. This allows for rainwater and snow runoff to run off safely, keeping your lawn free from unsanitary amounts of urine holes. You will notice that each drain will run at least three feet into the dirt, preventing large amounts of urine from mixing in with the water that is run off your grass.

Another unique feature of dog friendly artificial turf is that because of the way it is manufactured, there is no way for pet urine to seep into the ground. When urine sits on the turf for long periods of time, the smell is not pleasant. With the drainage system in place, no matter how much dog urine you have on the grass, it will never sit there, allowing any odors to dissipate into the air, keeping your home fresh and odorless.

pet friendly artificial grass
Dog Friendly Artificial Grass is Ideal for Small Children?

While most dogs are not deterred by the smell of fake grass, some can be quite daring when it comes to taking a liking to it. However, as stated before, due to its drainage system, this type of turf is not as welcoming to the pups if they take a fancy to it. It is possible that a small breed dog, especially one with a short coat, might chew it to bits, causing an awful odor to be emitted from the fake grass. If this happens to your dog, immediately remove the pup from the lawn and try to find an alternative spot to play.

In addition to keeping your yard fresh, dog friendly artificial grass is also ideal for pet owners with small children. Small children tend to make extremely messes on their lawns, even without pets around. When small children are playing in the yard with their toys. Dog poop is likely to be splashed on the grass. Not only is this unsightly, it is also extremely difficult for the dog. To remove the trace of urine when attempting to relieve himself. Because of this, lawn urine has been a problem for many homeowners seeking an inexpensive method of reducing such problems.

Dealing With Smaller Home Areas

If you happen to live in an area where it is never practical to mow the lawn. There are times when it is impossible to do so anyway. During those times, it is often impossible to find an alternative other than using dog friendly artificial grass. This is especially true when it is extremely hot or dry. Owning a pet is a responsibility that is not easy to take on alone. If you do not want to deal with having to water excessively or have to shovel snow. And keep the lawn clear, then using pet friendly artificial grass is a great way to reduce these chores.

What makes Dog Friendly Artificial Grass so great
If you do not have an artificial grass installation company handy. Then foam underlay is probably the next best thing to install. This will provide the padding beneath the ground, which will prevent water, mud. And other debris from seeping into the grass. Before you purchase this product, however, it is important. That you make sure that the holes for the foam insulation are drilled properly. Otherwise, you may find that the insulation does not go where you intend it to. Once you have had the holes drilled, you can purchase the foam underlay, which should be about 3 inches thick.

Failing to make the holes in the turf for the foam insulation correctly can lead to puddling. And water pools, which will eventually be absorbed into the grass and your pet’s paws. When dealing with smaller areas such as a backyard. You might also want to consider putting a layer of mulch over the holes to help keep moisture in. Smaller fountains and sprinklers can also benefit from this layer. By using these tips and tricks when installing your artificial grass, you can ensure that it looks fantastic. All year long and keeps your pets from being uncomfortable when they walk around.

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