Consistent travelers often strive to visit the more sites the better. However, there are certain destinations so extremely special that anyone would repeat over and over again. But what is it that makes a site so meaningful and attractive? The US edition of HuffPost has reached out to travel experts to find out. Listed below are the 10 qualities that make a place worth returning to.

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Emotional attachment

“Many people repeat their destinations because they develop a certain emotional attachment to that place, because they have had unforgettable experiences there, often with family or friends,” says Nancy Schretter . “As that bond grows, it becomes more and more attractive for them to return,” he adds.

This emotional connection can go further. “One of my specialties is planning trips to destinations where my clients’ ancestors come from: in this way, many members of a family return to a place or country repeatedly, whether they know the people or not,” says the advisor of travel and writer Lisa Vogele.

“One of my clients traveled to Ireland to see the farm of his ancestors. He met the current occupants, with whom he spent several hours talking about what they knew of the previous owners. He enjoyed the experience so much that he returned on another occasion to visit other parts of Ireland where former relatives lived, “he explains.

Connection with local culture and community

“In my case, the destinations that encourage me to return are those in which I feel a connection with the place or the culture, and I have the need to discover more things and not stay only with the superficial”, points out Alex Reynolds, blogger of travel on Lost With Purpose . “The sights are great, but what makes a lasting impression is the welcome that the locals give. There comes a time when the list of points of interest runs out, but you never stop learning from the people and their cultures”.

A tremendously powerful factor is building personal relationships. “I have already traveled to Italy 10 times. Seven of those ten times I have made a stop in Bologna, since I made a strong friendship with some friends of my mother who one day showed me the city. Since then, that friendship has grown a lot and our partners and friends have become friends too, “says Reynolds.

“People return to the same places to visit friends and be with the local community. There are some places, like Tulum, Ibiza or Mykonos, where the community helps a lot to build and develop these sensations. It is easy to get hooked on those places.

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The history

“The historical interest in a specific period or a matter of a country constitutes a very attractive element, as is the case of the Renaissance and Italy, the royal family and the United Kingdom, etc.”, Vogele points out.

Michael Luongo , writer and photographer, points out that there are countries like Italy that are surprising. “It has the largest number of places declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO . In addition, there are regions with a great cultural or archaeological wealth, and there are always wonderful hidden corners a few kilometers from a place where you have already gone on a trip” , he comments.

Particular beauty

“Watching how smoke comes out of Mount Etna in Sicily, the views from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, surfing the waves of the Portuguese coasts, walking along the routes of the Camino de Santiago … these are incredible moments in which you are physically present, which provokes a compelling desire to return, “says Vogele.

“Nature is an essential element for many people. My husband loves it, and that’s why he tries to repeat some routes that we have already done before,” says writer and psychologist Alice Boyes .

“I have been to New Zealand four times now and although it is very far away, I would return again and again. It is a special and unique place, along with its fauna and flora,” suggests Max Hartshorne, editor of the travel page.

The gastronomy

“Many of our clients repeat their destinations: number one is Italy, number two, France, and third place is occupied by Spain,” April Merenda, president and founder of Gutsy Women Travel , told HuffPost . “From my point of view, gastronomy plays a fundamental role, as well as culture and the fact that since there are so many things to see, multiple visits are necessary. These destinations awaken all five senses.”



“When a person has had a wonderful time on a trip, it is normal that they want to return, because they know with certainty that it will be like that again. If a traveler has discovered certain activities, restaurants and experiences that make them happy, it is highly likely that they will return one and again. Plus, traveling back to familiar places brings a feeling of safety and comfort, “adds Schretter.

Boyes emphasizes that it is less stressful to repeat, especially if you choose the same hotel or the same company to rent a car. “There are quite relaxing destinations. For example, my family from New Zealand always travels to some small coastal towns in New Zealand or Australia year after year. Even if they repeat, the experiences are different, which gives them a feeling of relaxation.and change in dynamics, but they do not risk a culture shock or need a whole day or more to get there, “he says.

“There are destinations that can attract travelers to such an extent that one day they find themselves flipping through real estate agency magazines and wondering how much it would cost to rent an apartment there,” says Hartshorne.

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