Because it protects us from one of the most harmful narcotics in life: routine.

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Because it accentuates our curiosity and stifles our conformity.


Because it teaches us to adapt very quickly to changes , and that in life is much more useful than any degree.


Because it reminds us that as long as we want to learn, we will want to live.


Because it erases with a stroke of the pen all the prejudices that others try to instill in us.


Because it gives us the opportunity to get to know ourselves a little more every day.


Because the rhythm to which it subjects us always leaves us enough time to enjoy the sunsets .


Because it makes us feel a freedom that we have not been able to experience otherwise.


Because it gives us the possibility to realize that our point of view is as valid as that of the people of the countries we visit.


Because it gives us the immense pleasure of waking up every day in a different place.


Because it allows us to get to those places we dreamed of going when we were children.


Because it places us with interesting people to meet on every corner.


Because it tests our ability to understand the world every day .


Because it makes it possible for other religions to seem more credible to us.

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Because it gives us strength to understand everything that seems incomprehensible to us about the countries we go to.


Because it gives us the conviction that everything is much simpler than it seems at first.


But, above all, we like to travel because it gives us indescribable sensations, like getting on a bus and not knowing where to get off, looking at a map and not knowing where to go, trusting someone we have met the day before, finding a path and follow it despite not knowing where it is going, letting chance mark the next point on our route …


That’s why now, it has been a year since we returned from our third round the worldand therefore we have not traveled for a year, we notice that there is something inside us that prevents us from spending any longer without moving.


It has been twelve special months, we have dedicated them to one of the most beautiful things that a human being can do: to bring more life to the world.

It has been a very beautiful year, very emotional. An unforgettable year, which has made us evolve and go from being two travelers to being a traveling family.

A traveling family that is willing to put their backpack on their back again to be able to enjoy all the things that we have related in this post and recover the desire to live traveling the world.


If health and our ailing economy allow us, we will soon begin a very special journey. A trip to France, a trip to the past, a trip that will allow us to fulfill a promise, do you remember?

We would be lying if we did not say that we are restless, with many doubts. It is a trip that we urgently need to go well because we know that it can mark the rest of our traveling life .

That is why we need to feel close to you on this next trip, to feel that you are traveling with us. Noticing your presence, knowing that you are there.

It will be a short trip, barely two months, and not too far … but we feel that it may be a very special trip.

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