Packaging for food items is a bit tricky. Food packaging is done keeping in view the protection of the food items from germs, adverse environment conditions, odors and microorganisms that can spoil the food. Cookie packaging is done with materials like cardboard, paper, plastic bags or pouches which keep them crispier for a longer period of time. Kraft paper is most widely used in the cookie packing these days. It allows people to shape it accordingly and make whatever they like to keep their cookies in. It gives unlimited options to use it in innovative ways and create something new and unique.

Logos play a huge part in introduction and recognition of a brand. Designing a logo for your brand is as necessary as developing a brand and making it standout in the market. Branding cookie boxes can take a lot of research and effort as cookies are the most consumed food item by kids, adults, elders, everybody. There is no such thing as less cookie. Increasing competition demands new and improved designing of your brand to keep its place intact in the market.

To stay in the business it is necessary to design an attractive logo for your brand which is surely possible with understanding necessity of an impressive logo and what it does to your brand. No worries we have got you covered here.

Knowing customers

What would you choose from a cookie aisle full of all the color, sizes and fancy cookie boxes? I would definitely choose the one with a dreamy creamy chocolate and some strawberries on it. See how does it work? Knowing the need and demand of a customer. No one would buy a cookie with cartoons and flowers on it.

Compete in the market

There is a cookie for every occasion. You feeling sad? Have some cookie, bored? Have some cookie, milk? Have some with it too. Cookie is a cure to every problem and kids love it so much. The demand increases the competition in the market. There are uncountable cookie brands in the market and some never even make it to the shelves. Where does the problem lie? Yes! You have guessed it right, branding, logo. If one cookie with a red logo reaches the height of a success does not mean all the red logos will make it to the top. See the problem lies in the right logo and packaging. Bringing uniqueness to your ideas will change the game.

Memorable impression

Logos make a memorable impression on consumers. It distinguishes your product from other brands and helps in recognition. It won’t be wrong to say that a logo has a stronger impression than a name. Yes! That’s right. A well designed logo will definitely catch your attention and leave an impression on you. A good logo is justified when it makes a consumer think twice about it.

Trust factor

Logos build trust among consumers when your brand looks polished and legitimate especially food items as nobody compromises on the quality of what they put into their bodies. Now the question arises how can you build trust by cookie packaging? Do you remember the cookies from your childhood that were your holy grail and you could have killed anyone for the? I believe you still remember that logo. The impact it left on you will stay forever. You wouldn’t have chosen that because of the quality and taste factors but solely how it looked different among all the other.


You can never understand the power of a good, old, trusted brand logo. It is more valuable than any other new brands that come in the market. A sentimental value is attached to generations which makes a brand prestigious in the market over other brands.


Carefully and cleverly designed logo not only sells the product but the company itself. It tells clearly what you are selling. Choosing the right colors, images and fonts depending on what you think will be most appealing to your customers is the whole trick behind it. We always set some price expectations before seeing the tag and then decide if it is worth the price or not which means the designing matters more than other factors.

New trends

Fancy, fancy, fancy! Who does not like fancy?

What is that one thing everyone loves the most? Cookies! There are a lot of brands that make custom cookie boxes for different occasions which leaves greater impact on the customers and makes them come back to them again and again. Many brands use such different ideas which distinguishes them from others.

Every brand is in a race of improving their packaging with the passage of time keeping in view the demand of the market and not to be left out in the competition. So a good logo and little changes now and then will never let you lose the game especially in regards to cookie packaging. Just be innovative and original.

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