Have you ever played video games? Don’t we enjoy it when we get some cheat codes that give us immense power to win our battles? There is something similar with businesses, there is a tool that works as a cheat code for their success, helps them to win new clients, established in the market and increases brand reputation that too every cost-effective method and that too in the fairway and that tool is – Google review.

Google Reviews Widget – The Remarkable Marketing Tool

Google reviews require no introduction – Not only consumers but brands trust them so much that they embed Google review widget on the website to showcase Google reviews to their visitors.

As competition is getting fierce in the market, brands are eager to establish themselves, and this is where google reviews help them.

The Internet has made our lives easy. Customers find it easy to make purchases from anywhere in the world, and on the other hand, it has helped businesses extend their reach beyond the local boundaries. As we are noticing the trend where businesses are opting to establish their online presence, WordPress has emerged as a savior for them as it allows businesses a simple route to make their online presence.

But to establish them in this dynamic world of businesses, they need some proof of their credibility, and this is where the google review widget comes in handy. WordPress also provides a great aid in this process as they offer various Google review WordPress plugins for their users that offer a dedicated Google review widget.

While WordPress is the most popular website building platform powering around 455 million websites on the Internet. It provides various tools that add many purposes to the businesses, and for you to convince, we have filtered out some of the WordPress plugins that help embed google review widget on WordPress website.

Best Google Review Widget Plugins For WordPress – 2022

What makes a plugin useful or best in the plugin store  – its usage? Ease of use? It’s pricing Well, the following plugins have all three factors in them. In simple words, these are the plugins you are looking for, so without any further ado, let’s dive into it.

1. Social Media Feeds WordPress Plugin by Tagembed

Social Media Feeds
Social Media Feeds WordPress Plugin by Tagembed is an amazing plugin that helps you gather social feeds from various social media platforms and assists you in displaying them on your website. The tool provides you with a dedicated Google review widget that helps you collect Google reviews from your Google My Business account and enables you to showcase them by opting to embed Google Review widget on WordPress website.

The plugin allows you to customize your widget and make appropriate changes by changing its font size, background, font color, and more. In simple words, you can simply personalize your widget to showcase your artistic side to your visitors. You also have the choice to select a suitable layout and theme for your widget, as you can opt for the layout that best suits your website. It makes your website more organized.

You can remove the reviews that mislead your target customers by mentioning another brand or product with the help of the moderation feature. The widget is 100% responsive, which means the widget adjusts itself according to the screen type, there is no need to adjust the display setting of the widget according to different screen sizes.

With the custom CTA button, you can add the “Add reviews” button on your website and create a review cycle for your brand. And as there are more reviews for your business, it helps to enhance your brand’s reputation.

2. Widget for Social Reviews by Trustindex.io

Widget for Google Review by Trustindex.io
Sometimes your target customers might find it difficult to find reviews related to your business, and this is where a widget for social reviews and recommendations comes into play. It allows you to collect the reviews related to your business and showcases them on your website.

With the customizable option, you can change the look of your widget and make it as per your need. Furthermore, with the help of this plugin, you can embed unlimited widgets on your website and prove your credibility to your visitors.

3. Reviews From Google 

Reviews from Google by Adnan Usman
This is another plugin that enables you to embed Google review widget on your website, it allows you to display up to 5 reviews from your Google My Business page. Also, the plugin allows you to opt to showcase the reviews on the sidebar. 

A sidebar is a very effective way to showcase reviews to your visitors. Sidebars can be embedded anywhere on the screen. And hence with the help of this widget, the visitor can read about the reviews and know about the product at the same time. 

Why Should You Embed Google Review Widget On Your Website?

Being a marketer, this question might be striking to your mind, right? And that is justified as one can only adopt a strategy if that strategy provides various benefits to the businesses. So here are some of the major handpicked benefits that the Google review widget provides that might convince you to use the Google review widget.

  • Add credibility to your business.
  • Provides ease to your target audience to find reviews related to your business.
  • Hold the visitors on your website.
  • Establishes a review cycle.
  • Helps in converting your visitors into your customers.

In Conclusion

The competition in the market is getting intense with each passing day. And to stand in this competitive market, you need to have that trust factor, and for that, you need reviews. And once you have reviews for your business, then it is also important to showcase them. Else what will be the purpose of the reviews if you aren’t able to showcase them to your target audience. So, use the tools to embed Google reviews widget for WordPress website and win the trust of your customers.

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