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Devastating Phone Call: Ronan Keating’s World Shattered by Tragic Loss of Brother in Car Crash



The musician, Ronan Keating, aged 46, promptly returned to his country of origin, Ireland, on Saturday evening to provide assistance to his tightly-knit family following the unexpected passing of Ciaran, a married individual and father of three.

According to a cited source, individuals generally find themselves reluctant to get a particular phone contact concerning their beloved acquaintances. Upon receiving the distressing information, Ronan immediately abandoned all other tasks and responsibilities.

He is exerting efforts to maintain emotional resilience for the benefit of his family, and is actively providing assistance to his sister-in-law and nephews.

Ronan Keating and wife Storm (right) outside St Patrick’s Church in Louisburgh, Co Mayo, after the funeral of his brother Ciaran Keating. The older brother of Ronan Keating died in a two-car crash near Swinford in Co Mayo on Saturday. Picture date: Thursday July 20, 2023. (Photo by Oliver McVeigh/PA Images via Getty Images)

Ronan’s emotional state might be described as profoundly heartbroken.

The individual prioritises the well-being and happiness of his family above anything else. This unexpected event is a harsh and sudden blow.

Ciaran, a middle-aged car salesman, was en route to spectate his 28-year-old son Ruairi’s football match for Cork City on Saturday afternoon when he was involved in a vehicular collision with another automobile near Ballymiles, Co Mayo.

Ronan Keating (centre middle left) helps carry the coffin of his brother Ciaran Keating towards St Patrick’s Church in Louisburgh, Co Mayo, for his funeral. The older brother of Ronan Keating died in a two-car crash near Swinford in Co Mayo on Saturday. Picture date: Thursday July 20, 2023. (Photo by Oliver McVeigh/PA Images via Getty Images)

Additionally, present in the automobile was Ann Marie, the wife of the individual who serves as a teacher. She was afterwards sent to a medical facility due to sustaining minor injuries.

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The driver of the second vehicle is currently in a critical state, whereas their passenger has also sustained injuries.

Ronan, a former member of the musical group Boyzone, and a father of five, engaged in a game of golf on Saturday with his spouse, Storm, aged 41, in the locale of St Albans, Hertfordshire.

Subsequent to being notified of the tragedy, he departed from his spouse and children at their residence in Hertfordshire and terminated his television obligations.

The announcement followed his participation as a mentor on the pre-recorded finale of The Voice Kids.

Ciaran’s demise occurred on the N5, specifically on a segment of roadway noted for its high incidence of accidents.

Law enforcement officials are actively soliciting anybody who may have observed the incident in question.

Dublin-born Ronan is the youngest among his siblings, consisting of one sister named Linda, and three brothers named Ciaran, Gerard, and Gary.

Ciaran, a resident of Louisburgh, County Mayo, played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Marie Keating Foundation subsequent to the demise of their mother due to breast cancer in the year 1998.

The foundation expressed profound distress upon receiving the news, emphasising that Ciaran had been an ardent advocate of their endeavours. Furthermore, they highlighted his frequent involvement as a substitute driver for their Mobile Information Unit in the Western region, whenever circumstances permitted.

He just joined our organisation to commemorate the 25th anniversary of its establishment at our annual celebrity golf tournament.

Cork City FC expressed their profound condolences to Ruairi and the Keating family as a whole.

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The local councilman, John O’Malley, expressed his profound dismay and sorrow in response to the distressing information.

The individual in question was held in high esteem by those acquainted with him in this particular community, and our thoughts are with his spouse and offspring.

Boyzone, a musical group established in 1993, achieved the remarkable feat of securing six number one singles in the United Kingdom, two of which were the popular tracks “Words” and “No Matter What.”

Prior to their permanent dissolution in 2019, the musical ensemble successfully marketed and distributed in excess of 25 million phonographic units.

In 2009, at the age of 33, Stephen Gately, a member of Ronan’s band, passed away due to a heart problem.

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