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In Love with the Jordan 1 Top 3



Jordan 1 top 3

Think of a sneaker that tells the story of Michael Jordan’s incredible career, brings together the essence of three famous cities, and goes beyond being just a shoe. That’s the Jordan 1 Top 3. It’s not just footwear; it’s like a time machine, a fashion statement, and a piece of our cultural history all rolled into one pair of sneakers.

What is the Top Three Jordan 1?

The Jordan 1 Top  is a remarkable sneaker that fuses three of the most iconic colorways in Jordan 1 history: the “Bred” (Black and Red), the “Chicago” (Red, White, and Black), and the “Royal” (Royal Blue and Black).

This unique blend brings together the best of these color schemes, creating a design that captures the essence of the Jordan brand’s history and Michael Jordan’s incredible journey.

The “Top 3” serves as a symbolic representation of the three cities crucial to Michael Jordan’s career. Chicago, where Jordan played for the majority of his career; Bred, a nod to the Bulls’ classic black and red uniforms; and Royal, which pays homage to his time with the Charlotte Hornets. These elements are skillfully interwoven, making the “Top 3” an emblem of MJ’s legacy.

When Did the  Jordan 1 Top 3 1s Come Out?

The Jordan 1 Top 3 was released on November 28, 2016, as a part of the Jordan Brand’s “Black Friday” collection. The timing of its release was strategic, coinciding with one of the biggest shopping days of the year, and it quickly became one of the most sought-after sneakers of the year.

The Most Iconic Air Jordan 1

While the Jordan 1 Top 3 is undoubtedly iconic in its own right, it’s essential to acknowledge the sneaker that laid the foundation for the entire Air Jordan franchise: the original Air Jordan 1 “Bred” or “Black/Red.” Released in 1985, the Jordan 1 “Bred” played a pivotal role in reshaping the sneaker industry and cementing Michael Jordan’s status as a cultural and athletic icon.

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The “Bred” colorway features a black and red upper, with the iconic Swoosh and wings logo. It’s a design that was bold, unconventional, and unlike anything else on the market at the time. It boldly violated NBA uniform rules, resulting in hefty fines for Jordan every time he wore them on the court. The rebellious nature of the shoe only added to its allure and made it an instant classic.

Over the years, the “Bred” colorway has been re-released in various forms, becoming a symbol of the Jordan brand. It is often regarded as the most iconic Air Jordan 1 due to its historical significance and its timeless appeal.

Top 5 Most Bought Jordans


Air Jordan 1 Low SE Men's Shoes

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  • Air Jordan 1 – The Air Jordan 1, in all its colorways and variations, remains the most beloved and sought-after Jordan silhouette. Its timeless design, cultural significance, and comfortable fit make it a favorite among sneakerheads and casual wearers alike.
Jordan 11 Retro

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  • Air Jordan 11- The Air Jordan 11 is another legendary silhouette that gained fame for its sleek patent leather upper and use in the movie “Space Jam.” It’s a top choice for collectors and basketball enthusiasts.
Jordan Mens Air Jordan 3

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  • Air Jordan 3- The Air Jordan 3 is renowned for its distinctive elephant print and the visible Air cushioning unit in the sole. It’s a classic that has been re-released in multiple colorways.
Air Jordan 4 Retro

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  • Air Jordan 4 The Air Jordan 4 features eye-catching design elements like plastic wing eyelets and mesh panels. It’s a favorite for its style and comfort, with retro releases creating significant buzz.
Jordan Men's 6

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  • Air Jordan 6- The Air Jordan 6 is famous for its unique tongue design and the classic “Infrared” colorway. It’s a hit among sneaker enthusiasts and athletes alike.
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The Jordan 1 Top 3 is a masterful fusion of iconic Jordan 1 colorways, paying homage to the cities and moments that shaped Michael Jordan’s career. Its release marked a pivotal moment in sneaker history, blending heritage and style into a single, coveted package. As we explore the most iconic Air Jordan 1 and the top 5 most bought Jordans, it’s evident that the Air Jordan legacy continues to thrive, captivating sneaker enthusiasts and transcending generational boundaries. The Jordan 1 “Top 3” is a testament to this enduring appeal and a worthy addition to any sneaker collection.

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