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Jung Kook of BTS Talks About ‘Seven’ and Calvin Klein.



Jung Kook BTS

BTS member Jung Kook recently discussed his intention to create a summer anthem with his latest solo track, ‘Seven’.

The track, featuring Latto, is characterised by its upbeat tempo and a catchy chorus that is likely to be sung enthusiastically in the bars of Ibiza.

It possesses all the elements that make it a perfect song for the summer season. The song has gained significant popularity on TikTok, particularly among K-Pop fan-cams, making it a suitable choice for their videos.

‘Seven’s’ musical inspirations, which include a delightfully nostalgic throwback to UK garage and Craig David’s Born To Do It era, make the song’s success in the UK seem less surprising.

This music is also influenced by UK Garage.

Following question were asked in an interview.

Do Jung kook feel a bond to the United Kingdom?

Specifically, what is it about London or the United Kingdom that Jung Kook enjoy so much?

I was unfamiliar with UK Garage before hearing ‘Seven,’ but I was instantly hooked to the track. My most memorable experience from our time in the UK was performing at Wembley Stadium. The prospect of future visits is very appealing.

What are some of Jung Kook favourite band-related UK memories?

A lot of what comes to mind about the UK is our show at Wembley Stadium. I’ll never forget the feeling of being on stage at Wembley Stadium with our members and fans, as it’s every musician’s ambition to play there.

What were your nerves like before performing at Wembley?

The venue has hosted performances by legendary artists.
‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ was a great film, and I saw it right before our Wembley show. The film brought home to me how much of an accomplishment it was to play at Wembley Stadium.

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It’s second nature to you to be a member of BTS. Do you like being on your own? How frightening do you find it to be?

Can you put more of your own stamp on the songwriting and video production process?
Since this is my first time performing as a solo artist, I’m finding the whole process to be both difficult and exciting.

I’m anxious and curious to see how people react.

To present the greatest version of myself, I prepared thoroughly and actively participated throughout the entire process.

When it came to recording the song and performing in the music video, I gave my full attention.

Tell me about your experience working with Latto.

I was on the lookout for a rapper who would complement “Seven,” and one of the producers suggested Latto. His verse is ideal for the track, and the number seven happens to be Latto’s favourite.

What are Jung Kook favourite summertime activities, as this song is very summery?

Since I tend to overheat easily (laughs), winter is my preferred season.

How would Jung Kook describe your own sense of fashion? Where do your interests lie? What are your preferred hues, labels, and cuts?

My aesthetic defies easy categorization. Laughingly, my favourite clothes are the ones that complement my figure and make me feel beautiful.

Purple, black, and blue are my three favourite colours.

As a result, I frequently wear all-black ensembles when getting dressed. Furthermore, I genuinely enjoy Calvin Klein, and I’m not just saying that because I’m an ambassador (laughs).

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