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10 places in the UK where dogs are as welcome as a wagging tail



From breathtaking scenic hotels to charming coastal inns, from enchanting woodland retreats to exhilarating country camping spots, brace yourself for a pet-friendly experience that will leave you and your furry friend jumping with joy!

These incredible places are not just willing, but absolutely thrilled to roll out the red carpet for your beloved canine companions.

Bracken Hide hotel, Portree, Isle of Skye

New opening in 2023 called the Bracken Hide. This place is so doggone awesome that it actually lets dogs into its fancy restaurant and whisky bar! Yep, you heard me right.

Now your furry friends can join you for a night out on the town. Who knew dogs had such refined taste? Let me tell you, this place is not just dog-friendly, it’s dog-tastic!

Picture this: 27 cabins perched on a hillside, giving you and your furry friend the perfect view of Loch Portree.

Talk about a room with a view! And get this, there’s plenty of outdoor space for your pup to frolic around, whether it’s a morning stroll or a midnight adventure.

Plus, the beds? Oh, they’re not just comfy for humans, they’re plush enough to make your four-legged pal feel like a king or queen. It’s a win-win for everyone, my friend!

Did you know that dogs have a strict “no sauna” policy? It’s true! Apparently, they just can’t handle the heat. But don’t worry, while you’re enjoying a relaxing dip in the plunge pool, your furry friend can catch up on some much-needed beauty sleep back in your room. It’s a win-win situation!

Skylark cabin, Ilfracombe, Devon

Skylark, nestled on the outskirts of Exmoor national park, where breathtaking clifftop walks beckon you. It’s the kind of place that will have you saying, “Goodbye, productivity!” once you’ve plopped yourself down. This hillside wood cabin is like the ultimate chill spot.

Not only does it have killer views over Combe Martin, but it also has a bathtub on the outside deck. Yeah, you heard me right, a bathtub! So you can soak up the scenery while soaking in some bubbles.

But wait, it gets even better. The owner of this place is all about renewable energy, so they’ve got their very own wind turbine on-site.

That means while you’re enjoying your luxurious bath, you can feel all eco-friendly and stuff, knowing that the power you’re using is coming straight from that spinning wind turbine. The dogs in this area have to be on leads. Talk about a buzzkill!

But fear not, because just a stone’s throw away is a magical place called the secure paddock by the car park. It’s like a doggy paradise where they can roam free, off-lead, and have the time of their lives. It’s the ultimate adventure zone for our furry friends. Just make sure to keep an eye out for any sneaky livestock trying to crash the party!

Pheasant Inn, Tattenhall, Cheshire

Imagine a pub that’s so old, it practically predates time itself. The Pheasant Inn, standing tall on a hill made of sandstone, is like the wise old sage of pubs in the Cheshire countryside.

It’s got rooms too, because apparently, being a pub just wasn’t enough. Talk about overachieving! In each bedroom, you’ll find a delightful mishmash of designs, like wallpaper that’s so colourful it could give a rainbow a run for its money.

And let’s not forget the quirky artworks, like squirrels sporting fashionable flat caps, all carefully sketched on old newspaper.

As for the food, well, it’s a double AA-rosette affair, which means you’ll be dining like royalty. So get ready to feast like a king or queen, because this place takes its culinary game seriously! Ah, behold the glorious Sunday roasts, where the crispy Yorkshire puds reign supreme!

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They are so satisfying, they practically give you a standing ovation. And get this, they even have a menu for our furry friends!

Talk about a doggone good time! But wait, let me tell you about the real star of the show – the beer terrace!

Picture this: you step outside and bam! Your eyes are greeted with a sight that will make you question if you’ve stumbled into a fairytale.

It’s like someone took a giant paintbrush and splashed an infinite canvas of lush greenery right in front of the pub. I mean, seriously, it goes on and on as far as your peepers can handle. It’s like nature’s way of saying,

“Hey, enjoy your brewski while I dazzle you with my breathtaking beauty!”

Low Mill Guest House, Bainbridge, Yorkshire Dales

In the heart of the Wensleydale area, there’s this 18th-century corn mill that’s not just for humans, but for our furry friends too!

Neil and Jane, the owners, make sure that dogs are given a warm welcome, just like their humans. And let’s not forget about Dotty, their stunning sighthound who adds an extra touch of elegance to the place.

It’s a doggone good time for everyone!

There are only three rooms. But don’t let that fool you, because these rooms are like no other.

They’re decked out with the most vibrant, eye-catching wallpapers you’ve ever seen. And get this, the artworks hanging on the walls? Totally irreverent.

They’ll have you scratching your head and laughing at the same time. Oh, and did I mention that some of these rooms have actual mill equipment? Yeah, you heard me right. It’s like stepping back in time, except this stuff still works!

Who needs a whole bunch of rooms when you’ve got this kind of quirky charm, am I right?

So, here’s the deal: dogs are not allowed to crash your breakfast party. Sorry, Fido, no bacon for you. But fear not, furry friends! You can still have a grand ol’ time exploring the gardens. And guess what? You might even catch a glimpse of those mischievous red squirrels munching away at their fancy feeding boxes. It’s like a squirrel buffet out there!

So while you enjoy your morning feast, just know that your four-legged pals are out there, living their best squirrel-watching lives.

Aurora Shepherd’s Hut, Radcot, Oxfordshire

Staying in this shepherd’s hut in the Oxfordshire countryside will put you close to the enchantingly pastoral Cotswolds, where nearly endless, sloping sheep pastures are broken up by lovely tiny towns and villages with thatched cottages and picturesque stone bridges.

Avoid the popular tourist destinations in the area, Burford and Bibury, and instead visit places like Minster Lovell for treks among ruins along the River Windrush or Bampton for a look at the region’s iconic architecture (fans of Downton Abbey will recognise the church).

This is a wonderful winter getaway because the shepherd’s hut has a magnificent log fire and is located in a completely enclosed paddock where the dog is allowed to roam freely.

Luccombe Manor, Isle of Wight

You’re taking your furry friend on a grand expedition to the Isle of Wight.

It’s like a doggy dream come true! Now, if the weather gods are on your side, the ferry ride becomes a thrilling joyride for your pooch. But fear not, even if the weather is being a party pooper, there’s a lounge on those Wightlink vessels that is totally dog-friendly.

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Who knew dogs could have their own fancy lounge? It’s like a canine paradise on the high seas! Luccombe Manor is the ultimate destination for fancy-pants dogs who demand nothing but the best!

Luxurious blankets and beds fit for canine royalty await in the bedrooms. And if your precious pooch happens to get a little messy during their outdoor adventures, fear not! There’s even an outdoor wash station specifically designed to tackle those muddy or sandy paws.

But wait, there’s more! As if that wasn’t enough, treats are generously bestowed upon your furry friend upon their grand arrival. It’s a doggy paradise fit for the most posh and pampered pups out there!

Guess what? This place is so fancy, they even have a dog kitchen! Yep, you heard that right. If your furry friend is feeling a bit peckish, you can whip up a gourmet meal just for them. And get this, they’re even allowed to join you for breakfast in the restaurant.

Luccombe Manor is not just for adults, it’s a place where even the little ones can join in on the fun! So, when you’re not busy building sandcastles and splashing around at the fabulous Shanklin beach, you can all gather by the pool and have a jolly good time.

It’s like a mini vacation paradise for the whole family!

Horseshoe Cottage, Dawlish Warren, Devon

Welcome to Horseshoe Cottage, the ultimate getaway for those who want a little more privacy than your average holiday park.

Situated in the prime position for walking and cycling in the Dawlish Countryside Park, you’ll have plenty of room to roam around in this whopping 25-hectare (65-acre) paradise. And if that’s not enough, you’ll also have access to the year-round dog-friendly beach at Dawlish Warren.

So grab your furry friend and get ready for some serious fun in the sun! Guess what? You’ll have a fancy-schmancy enclosed patio to protect your precious pooch from the perils of the outside world.

And get this, you’ll also have access to all the swanky amenities at the nearby park, like pools for your pup to make a splash in and even a designated off-lead dog-exercise paddock.

Talk about living the high life!

Musselwick House, St Ishmaels, Pembrokeshire

The Pembrokeshire coast is like a dog’s dream come true! They’ve got these wide, sandy beaches where our furry friends can go wild and run around like there’s no tomorrow. And let me tell you, Marloes Sands is like the holy grail of beaches around here – it’s absolutely mind-blowing!

But wait, it gets even better! This house, my friend, has its very own private beach right outside the back gate. Can you believe it? Talk about convenience! You don’t even have to go through the hassle of packing up the car and driving to the beach.

Nope, just open that back gate and voila, you’re on your own personal sandy paradise. It’s like having a beachfront property without the hefty price tag.

I mean, who needs to share a beach with other people when you can have your own little slice of beachy heaven? It’s like having a VIP pass to the ultimate beach experience. So, if you’re a dog lover or just someone who appreciates the beauty of a sandy shoreline, this place is an absolute gem.

Trust me, you won’t find anything quite like it. You’ve got yourself a fancy garden, completely enclosed like a fortress. Your living room and bedrooms offer you the most magnificent views of the sea. It’s like having your own personal IMAX theatre, but without the overpriced popcorn.

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And if that’s not enough, grab a pair of binoculars and get ready for some serious bird-watching action. From the comfort of your sofa, you can spy on those waders at the Gann nature reserve.

Who needs TV when you’ve got nature’s own reality show right at your fingertips?

Hayloft, Watergate Bay, Cornwall

Step inside the Hayloft and prepare to be wowed by its fancy yet delightfully simple interiors. They’re so minimalist, it’s like they’re saying, “Hey, let’s not steal the thunder from those amazing views outside!” And boy, are those views something else!

It’s like being surrounded by an infinite sea of vibrant green fields. Talk about living in the lap of nature!

Just when you thought Cornwall couldn’t get any better for our furry friends, we have the grandest of them all – the legendary Watergate Bay. So, you’re telling me that this place is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the sandy shores?

Well, well, well, isn’t that convenient! You can either take a leisurely stroll for a mere half an hour or hop in your car and be there in a jiffy. And let me tell you, when the tide is low, it’s like the universe is practically begging you to play a thrilling game of Frisbee or engage in an intense round of fetch with your furry friend.

It’s like the stars have aligned to create the perfect setting for some beachside fun! Ah, behold the majestic abode with its garden fortress, where not even a squirrel can escape! And lo and behold, a store for surfboards or paddleboards, because what better way to keep your boards safe than in a house?

It’s like a sanctuary for all your wave-riding gear!

The Rose, Deal, Kent

The Kent coast is just bursting at the seams with these absolutely delightful beaches. And let me tell you, the shingle stretch at Deal is like the icing on the cake. A pier straight out of the 1950s, just oozing with retro charm. And to top it all off, you’ve got these fishing boats, all nonchalantly chilling on the shoreline, like they own the place.

It’s a sight to behold, my friend. So, if you ever get tired of the sand between your toes and the salty sea breeze, fear not! Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the coastline, you’ll find the delightful Rose pub.

It’s like a hidden gem, tucked away behind a few streets, waiting to quench your thirst and fill your belly. Who needs a beach when you can have a pint and a good laugh at the Rose? You walk into a room and BAM! Bold prints everywhere.

It’s like the walls are shouting, “Look at me!” And then, you spot it – a bright yellow claw-foot tub. Who needs a regular old bathtub when you can have one that looks like it belongs in a cartoon? But wait, it gets better.

The restaurant in this place is not just any restaurant. Oh no, it’s dog-friendly! Because nothing says fine dining like having a furry friend by your side, right? And get this, the food is so good that even Observer food critic Jay Rayner has given it his seal of approval.

Now that’s some serious canine cuisine! So, if you’re looking for a hotel that’s bold, quirky, and has food that even a food critic can’t resist, this is the place for you.

Just be prepared for some eye-catching prints and a tub that will make you feel like you’re bathing in sunshine.

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