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Canada vs. Ireland: Canada Coach- A Horrible Team to Play Against!



Canada Coach

Canada’s coach Bev, who was previously an assistant to Phil Neville with England, provided a concise and matter-of-fact explanation of what they can expect when facing the Irish team.

The Irish team has gained a reputation for being “physical” throughout an entire continent.

The Olympic champions’ 37-year-old boss competed with the pouring rain at HFB Park in Perth to shower the Irish with what could be seen as praise or back-handed compliments, unleashing a flood of familiar biblical phrases.

Ireland is considered a challenging team to compete against, with common descriptions including “horrible team,” “resilience,” “spirit,” “passion,” “well-drilled,” “well-organised,” “hard work,” “underdog mentality,” and “bodies on the line.”

The mention of Katie McCabe’s aggression brought back memories of our previous visit to the western region in 2006. At that time, the Australian rugby team only had knowledge of one exceptional player from Ireland and they were well aware of their formidable reputation.

Canada coach Priestman stated that Ireland has displayed everything they observed during the pre-tournament scouting. She also confirmed that Jessie Fleming, the crucial Chelsea midfielder, will be in the starting lineup after successfully completing tonight’s training session without any injuries.


Every time they have played, we have observed their ability to maintain that formation, their determination to avoid conceding, and their mindset of doing whatever it takes. The team is characterised by their abundant heart, spirit, and passion. When you consider the comparison between that and Canada and our reputation, it will result in an excellent game.


And what I am aware of is that when we face challenges from teams like that, we tend to bring out the best in our team. They are willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve the desired outcome.There is no doubt that it will be a fantastic event. Indeed, they were highly disciplined and efficiently structured, making it challenging to penetrate their defence.

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In my opinion, it is important for us to match the physicality and rely on our quality to stand out. However, prioritise matching that passion and dedication above all else.


We take pride in being a challenging team to play against, so it is crucial for us to match their intensity from the start. And Canada is also known for that. It’s likely a mutual exchange.


In the end, we must stick to the process and consider what we believe is necessary to defeat the Irish team. It is important to remain focused and avoid getting involved in certain aspects of the Irish team, as they can distract you and lead you astray from your goals.


We possess the necessary expertise within our team to rectify the situation and showcase our capabilities when it is crucial.


Priestman anticipates that Vera Pauw’s selection will not bring any unexpected surprises.


No, I do not believe so. However, who can say for sure? It’s impossible to predict. I am aware that they will also desire to obtain three points. However, it is evident that their actions have led them to this stage, and she has performed exceptionally well.


If I were in her position, I’m uncertain if I would make any alterations. If the game were to open up, it would be expected that they would look different. However, it is clear that I cannot witness significant changes in her.


Despite all the fuss surrounding Irish captain McCabe’s alleged aggression, she was officially penalised for only one foul on the first night, which is not indicative of a violent repeat offender.

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Priestman acknowledges, “I do agree with you to some extent.”


In terms of tactics, Ireland displays excellent organisation. I believe they demonstrate their commitment to their country by risking their lives, similar to Canada. They deserve credit for taking that action.


Although Katie McCabe is known for her aggressive playing style, she is considered a top player in a highly competitive league. The reason we are scouting her is not due to her aggression, but rather because she consistently delivers excellent crosses.


Ashley Lawrence, who was recently recruited by Chelsea, might try out for the role of Hayle Raso tomorrow.


We have made preparations for Ireland, focusing particularly on their physicality. We are approaching this game in the same way as we would approach any other game.


In the World Cup, all players will approach every tackle with determination, displaying their desire and fighting spirit for every ball.


The key players, such as Katie McCabe, have been thoroughly analysed. However, we understand the importance of being prepared for any challenge that may arise.


We will aim to match their physicality, while also demonstrating our composure and control when in possession of the ball, with the goal of advancing into the final third and generating opportunities.


Priestman emphasises the importance of her team allowing the ball to do the work, acknowledging the prevailing conditions.


The fact that the pitch stayed covered throughout the afternoon, which is an unusual characteristic for this sport, may not necessarily be advantageous.

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However, there is a possibility that a game of football could occur at some point tomorrow if we are fortunate.



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