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UK Heatwave 2023-Wildfires are sparked by intense heat.



UK Heatwave 2023

UK Heatwave 2023- Over 20,000 individuals have been evacuated from the Greek island of Rhodes since Sunday 23 July, the hottest day of the summer thus far.

This evacuation was prompted by wildfires that have impacted residential properties and hotels.

This wildfire evacuation in Greece is the largest on record.

Approximately 10,000 British tourists are currently estimated to be present on the island, utilising various public facilities such as schools, sports centres, and airports for accommodation.

The British Red Cross is offering psychosocial assistance to individuals impacted by the situation, in accordance with our unique responsibility as a humanitarian auxiliary to the UK government.

Other parts of Europe have also experienced similar conditions in the past week.

For instance, the Italian island of Sardinia recorded temperatures of 47°C, leading to a red alert being issued for major cities in Italy.

The Palermo airport in Sicily is currently closed due to the surrounding wildfire.

Wildfires are currently spreading in Portugal, Croatia, and other regions of the Mediterranean.

In Algeria, authorities are also engaged in firefighting efforts, with reports indicating that 34 individuals have tragically lost their lives.

Although the Charon heatwave is not expected to affect the UK, the occurrence of heatwaves in Europe coincides with the release of the Met Office’s ‘State of the UK Climate report’.

This report analyses the unprecedented weather conditions experienced in the UK last year.

According to the report, an unprecedented heatwave on 19 July resulted in the establishment of a new all-time temperature record of 40.3°C.

According to the source, 2022 was the hottest year on record since data collection began in 1884. The Met Office attributes both events to anthropogenic climate change.

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Will UK Heatwave 2023 happen in August?

Unfortunately, the jet stream above Europe and creating their astounding heatwave is causing low pressure in the north, which will keep the weather unpredictable.

This jet stream is slow-moving, therefore the current weather state may persist several weeks.

However, weather experts predict improvement by the middle and end of August.

“August is likely to start generally unsettled, with showers and outbreaks of rain, these perhaps turning heavy and thundery at times,” the Met Office predicted. Weeklong changes are expected.

“Temperatures are likely to remain below average, with chance of mild nights towards later.”

From the middle until the end of the month, they remained turbulent and changeable.

“Likely to stay changeable through mid-August.” This implies more rain or showers over the UK, some of which may be heavy and thundery,” they added.

Strong winds will make these unsettled spells feel much cooler.

“Late August may see more short spells of settled, warmer, and lighter winds.”

This makes a UK Heatwave 2023 unlikely.

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